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Seaplane Airlines flight bookings SpiceJet enters the indoor air industry in India in 2005 with an open tagline of "flying for all" and air prices that live up to that commitment. SpiceJet's origins, however, go back to the much older ModiLuft carriers, one of the first privately owned providers to join the India deregulation family. The SpiceJet Airline's destinations on the home market: International destinations of the SpiceJet Airline: In order to make a SpiceJet booking, select from the SpiceJet schedule below or use the link on the page to search for more information. Travellers must arrive 1-2 hrs in advance as check-in will close 45 min before take-off.

Travelers can also web check-in from all towns except Srinagar and Jammu, from 48 hrs prior to scheduled flights to 2 hrs prior to scheduled flights. Up to 9 persons can participate in the Web Check-in. The SpiceJet allows 20 kg of bags per person each. Interna-tional travelers may take with them 2 additional pieces of checked cargo not to exceed 23 kg.

You can book airline travel via the SpiceJet website or other on-line portal, which results in charges. Travelers must bring their passports and visas for SpiceJet travel. SpiceJet's No-Fringe service is greatly valued and widely recognized by the industry, even though paying travellers have access to on-board dining and dining options.

The SpiceJet has an in-flight mag named Spice Route. The SpiceJet offers food that can be purchased on the boat or pre-ordered. Travelers can choose between vegetable, non-vegetarian, Jain and diabetes food (both vegetable and non-vegetarian) for their travelers. Advance bookings must be made 24hrs prior to travel and travellers must check whether they require veggie or non-vegetarian food at least 6hrs prior to travel.

Skyscanner provides you with information about SpiceJet airline rates and the best SpiceJet flight options for your trip.

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