Sri Lankan Airlines Air Taxi

Srilankan Airlines Air Taxi

The flight schedule is available on the website of Srilankan Airline. Lankan Air Taxi - Sri Lanka news board On April 14, 2012 I bought and payed the flights from Koggala (KCT) to Bandaranayake Airport (CMB) (which was flying over Dickwela) via the internet for flights from Koggala (KCT) to CMB. After the man with the manifest had assigned the other passangers to the minibus, he soon connected with the chauffeur and me in the truck (only three persons).

That man then asked me where I wanted to go, and I said to him that Lewis Place was about 10 kilometres away northeast of the junction of the airport. It was my assumption that since the truck is already going in this way, it is part of the SriLankan Airlineservice. Just a few kilometres before the turn-off to the CMB airfield the chauffeur halted, paused the truck and the man with the passengers got out and said to me to pay chauffeur LKR3500 when I arrived at my final point.

Did the minibus users pay a similar amount to get to the airports? Then I showed this booking reference to the trucker, who halted the truck and phoned the same guy on his cell who had just gotten out of the truck. Drivers gave me the telephone to talk to him.

When I heard this, I was insisting on only being taken to the departure point where I would go my own way as my initial purpose was. On my urging the chauffeur drove me to the turn-off to the international train station CMB. Although transportation by coach is necessary to reach your ultimate goal, this should be clearly stated on your website when making your reservation.

Others are able to make this clear to their clients, so I don't understand why SriLankan Airlines can't do the same.

Srilankan Air Taxi Timetable Place for boating and reservation of Srilankan air taxi services

Even though travelling in Sri Lanka is quite simple, you can get from one place to another by car in one to 3 hrs, but it is also interesting to be able to get to your goal by plane. Not only can this help you safe your precious little days, but it also gives you the chance to see the islands from the air.

The SriLankan Airlines offers a specialized Air Taxi services from Colombo to several destinations and back. The below listed regular services connect Sri Lankan Airlines every day with Sri Lankan Airlines worldwide, while there are also charters and much loved liveaboard services. Air transfers save 85% of the amount of air traffic in comparison to ground traffic, while you can admire the many breathtaking places in Sri Lanka.

Bookings for regular services can be made through Sri Lankan Airlines office or via our contact details. Checking - in is half an hours before takeoff.

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