How many Seats does a Maxi Taxi have

What are the seats on a maxi taxi?

In Sydney, do taxis have a big trunk? "Maxitaxi' means a public service vehicle with seats. To many seats on the Maxi-Taxi Am I now registered for 32 passengers in a 25-seater maxi taxi? On Tuesday I travelled in a 25-seater maxi taxi and was shocked at the seating arrangements: There were seven additional gang (mini) seats in the maxi. People would have trampled on each other in an emergency.

Does the licensing department now voluntarily endanger the life of the passengers or is it an illegal action by a maxi operator?

Taxicab with child safety chair - Sydney Forum

I' m not sure if it's necessary to have a 2 & half year old beach seat. Sure. Taxi cabs have a big trunk in southney? 2.5 yo definitely needs a child safety chair by statute. Could you please even make an estimation for the ticket price. And, by the way, thank you for the previous answers.

After all, I'm going to land in Southney next weekend, and I'm so thrilled. Thanks to everyone who supported me in my plan. A two and a half year old actually does NOT need a car safety chair by operation of god. One safety harness is enough, but it is up to you whether you think that your toddler is safely in one.

Parramatta will cost much more than 65 dollars - even in a normal taxi. I' d have guessed somewhere between $70 and $80 - more at rush hours- according to your audience. If you have chosen a maxi to get the infant carrier, raise it by 50%.

Definitely does not require a car safety chair in a taxi - special regulation for taxis that only require parental controls < 12 month. A, the kid is 2 1/2 years old, I think more of a pram, in this case maybe. When it is a big pram, the smallest taxi that will fit, will be a tarago or similar - even if the thought drivers won't be lucky, he can't demand maxi taxi tariffs that are + 50%.

Booking all our familiy transfer with Bubs Taxi. You have both limousine and person mover and are very dependable. and they' ve proven two child seats. Could you just show up at the taxi queue and it will be okay to just take a taxi with your seat (s) (we have an eighteen & threeyr olds) or should we do one?

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