Cessna 152 Rental

The Cessna 152 Rent

Click here for all rental prices. The N48757 is a 1977 Cessna 152. $75/hr to rent Cessna 150. 152 Cessna, Basic Trainer, hourly rate $60.00.

( solo/rent ), Dual Navcom, 50 hours block $57.00.

comparison of running costs can be made

When you want to cut costs on your flying education, buy a plane. These frequent recommendations often come up in the unavoidable discussion about how to make savings in air travel. On the basis of discussions with proprietors who have purchased for education - and the comparison of different rental charges and purchasing charges across the nation - the brief response is: it matters.

This is Matthew Peacock's 1973 Cessna 150L. At the end of 2007, about 16 lessons after his privat pilots education, he acquired it. Peacock undoubtedly spared cash between buying the plane and obtaining a personal pilot's license by making his plane purchases sensible and minimizing his outgoings.

Without the plane's acquisition value, he saves about $700. The operating expenses of aeroplanes are generally divided into two categories: fix expenses such as hangars, insurances and yearly inspections and variable expenses such as fuels, oils and reserves. However, since the fix charges have to be payed regardless of the number of flying lessons, the hourly rate decreases as the flying lesson increases.

If Peacock had been there, he would have been saving $1,600 if he had bought at the beginning of his education. Firstly, in order to conserve cash, you must be careful when you buy. A new Cessna 172, for example, will never be as inexpensive to buy as the rent during the traditional exercise series. Peacock's available rental aircraft was a very similar Cessna 150, so his example is easily calculated.

Irrespective of the acquisition cost and model of airplane, neither airplane depreciations nor finance charges are taken into account. People like Peacock bought his 150 for $22,000, which would be enough today. Generally, an older lightweight single-engine lightweight motor retains most of its value over the period of times it needs to obtain a pilot's license.

He is even happier when he bought the plane visor unnoticed on eBay. In this case, you must work with cost control. He' s also checking his overhead. Monthly rental for the shed is $100 and its cost is $600 per annum and $600 per annum for social security. Holding the plane in a hanger in other parts of the state could bring another $400 or $500 per months.

Ironically, Peacock was not interested in having cash. Doesn't mean he could have bought anything he wanted. The purchase was much more about getting into the plane than the chance to save it. "He says I liked the concept of going to my own plane and going to go there if I wanted to go there.

This, in combination with the condition of his available rental model, persuaded Peacock to buy it. It may be that cash is the source of all trouble, but to save it is the way to a better glider, a closer link to aeronautics and, in many cases, some further education. does not assume any discretionary or financial cost under the premise that an aeroplane such as a Cessna 150 can be resold within one year for approximately what it was purchased for if it is used for approximately 80 hour airshow.

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