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Light house number - Customer service To reach Bright House: To call our support team, use the toll-free numbers below. If you call, you will be asked the following question. First, please say or type in your telephone number along with the area number. Thank you for a minute while I look up your bankroll; okay, I have it, now in a few words please tell me what you're phoning about.

Well, what's your excuse for making a call? Client care. I' ll try to get you quickly to the right place for help; please tell me briefly why you're phoning. Need help with the Wi-Fi connections, is that right? OK, the tech supports for the web access; we've sent a message to your gear that can solve the problem you're having and usually takes effect immediately, but it can sometimes take a few moments. When you're done, you can just go off the phone, otherwise say Master Key or hit 9; for help, say Help or hit *.

All right, I'll refer you to a technical supporter who will assist you.

Generic Support

Within the framework of the current conversion, pension and assurance issues will be handled by MetLife. When you work with a finance specialist, you may choose to approach them at your own convenience. You can also come and see MetLife or call us at one of the numbers below: I' ve got your policy: Handicapped guidelines:

Yours personally data BrightHouse

Because BrightHouse is the trade name of Caversham Finance Limited and Caversham Trading Limited, if you see the words "we", "us" or "our" in this message, that is the one to which we refer. The first time you give us your personally identifiable information or when you purchase a new item from us, we give you the option to let us know whether you would like to be informed about other items, our service or our promotional offers.

Medicinal data, physical and mental health detail, etc. management of debts, health data, mental stability, etc. Surveillance calls, data on members of the household. For the prevention and detection of frauds and moneylending. In order to help us decide on your solvency and the goods and sevices we provide, we will review your data with one or more information bureaus.

You will find more information about how we and these authorities use your information at the end of this policy. For the above -mentioned purposes, we may allow other persons and companies to use information that we have stored about you, and may do so: However, we may also provide information to UK companies which may then provide that information outside the EEA.

Regular ly we inform our clients about your payment and if you do not keep up to date, your creditworthiness may be affected. Where we or an anti-fraud authority determines that you present a potential threat of frauds or misappropriation of funds, we may decline to perform the service or funding you have asked for, or we may discontinue the performance of our service on your behalf.

To be able to handle your request, we carry out loan and identification verifications with one or more information bureaus ("CRAs"). For this purpose we make your person-related data available to the rating companies and they give us information about you. ECAIs will provide us with both publicly (including the voter register) and collectively available information on credits, finances, financial histories and the fight against corruption.

Such information may be disclosed by the rating agency to other companies. If rating agents get a query from us, they will place a query Footprint on your loan database that can be viewed by other creditors. One of these three hyperlinks explains the identity of the ECAIs, their roles including as anti-fraud agents, the information they possess, the way they use and disclose personally identifiable information, the storage times and your privacy responsibilities with the ECAIs:

Those audits demand that we handle your personally identifiable information. Both we and the anti-fraud authorities also allow criminal prosecution and HM Revenue and Customs to gain and use your personally identifiable information to uncover, investigate and/or stop crimes. To learn more about the work of the inquiry bureaus, click on the following link:

At CIFAS, Sixth Floor, Lynton House, 7-12 Tavistock Square, London, WC1H 09LT, We have stringent safeguards in place to safeguard your privacy.

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