Jet a Price

the Jet a price

Check the local fuel prices near your airport. The kerosene price index provides the latest price data from Platts, the leading energy information provider. A monthly price list and freely downloadable data for jet fuel. The price is in US dollars per gallon.

Jet A and Avgas fuel prices: Aug 2015

Current petrol rates can be found under Digital issues in the right hand column.... aukwik. ; ; Market Intelligence, Aviation Research Group/U.S. Inc. aukwik. ; ; Market Intelligence, Aviation Research Group/U.S. Inc. High, Low and Medium in the above table show the results of a August 2015 US supplier price poll.

Carried out by Aviation Research Group/U.S. Inc., this poll reflected the pricing of over 200 Feds within the 48 bordering United States. Prizes are full sale rates and are inclusive of all applicable tax and surcharges. Low (Full Service) ( shows the minimum full sevice price of petrol for each area.

They have been revised within the last 30 trading days until August 17, 2015. Pricing is linked to the airport where the FBOs with the lower local rates are based. Further information is available from Aviation Research/U.S. Inc. at (513) 852-5110 or on the Web at

Monitoring fuel prices

The kerosene price index provides the latest price information from Platts, the world' largest supplier of information on electricity prices. Index and price information shows the overall mean price of jet engine propellant purchased at the jet engine oil mill on the reporting date.

Every Platts rating is weighted by Platts in the region basket using primarily upload information and trade volumes; similarly, each of the region indexes is weighted in the Global Composite Index (indicated in the "Share in Composite Index" column).

Those figures are likened to the 2000 mean spots price, also weighed against an increase during that year to obtain a rate that reflected the general increase in market activity relative to the baseline year. For example, an index value of 200 represents a price that has doubled since 2000.

Notice that all facets of the Jet Fuel Price Index methodologies and information, as well as the information behind it, are the proprietary work of Platts, a department of McGraw-Hill Companies.

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