How much does it Cost to Rent a Plane

What does it cost to rent a plane?

Here's what you should know about aircraft rentals and wetness compared to aircraft ownership. Hiring actually makes sense for someone who doesn't fly that much. The training period of a pilot consists of individual and instructor flights, on which an aircraft must be hired, petrol and the time of the instructor must be paid. Currency / check prices, credit card prices. Currency / check prices, credit card prices.

How high are the avarage costs for yearly, servicing and hanging charges?

By the time I had a C-172, my turnover was about $700-800 a year. This involved inspections and the usual routine servicing work such as repackaging the bearing, replacing the lubricating oils, etc. Now I know for a fact that there are bo's that run much less than that, but usually there will be *something* on an older level that needs fixing.

Even before I get reked for it, the cost of the audit is one issue; the cost of servicing and repairing the equipment every year that requires careful consideration is another. So you *could* just have one service done by the A&P/IA, then have other things done by yourself (maintenance) or another A&P of your choice. LSA's are a different tale; you as an LSA holder can attend a course and make a payment so that you can do your yearly " status check " (other name).

Much like a self-built airplane; if you have constructed it, you can request a "Repairman Certificate" which allows you to carry out the regular maintenance check for this airplane only. Experiments can have any work done by anyone - only the regular status check needs a K&P (does not have to be an AI) or the fitter's certification.

If you have not built it, you can perform all servicing, repair, modification, etc., without any authorization other than your own private logging record. To sum up, a base aircraft like the one you are most likely to be training on (150 / 172) can have fairly fair average service charges per year. When you buy an exhausted old birdwatching machine, you are most likely to have higher service charges, because the material is simply worn out, tears occur, etc.

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