Boeing Airplanes for Sale

Aircraft Boeing for sale

For the fifth time in a row, Airbus and Boeing win a competition for turnover Another point for Airbus. On Monday, the German space company reported that it had received 1,109 orders for planes in 2017, almost 200 more than Boeing (BA). For most of 2017, Airbus (EADSF) fell short of its US competitor, but for the fifth year in a row it won the worldwide selling spot with a huge dealer strike at the Dubai Air Show in December.

Indigo Partners' order for 430 A320neo jets was the biggest in Airbus' entire corporate history. 430 A320neo jets were ordered from Indigo Partners. Thus the Boeing company was out of range and at the same fair it placed an order for 175 of its 737 Max aircraft. Boeing and Airbus are fighting as hard as ever. Newcomers from China, Russia and Canada are fighting for part of the trillion dollars jets available on the markets.

Airbus received further orders in 2017, while Boeing was leading in the number of planes supplied. In 2017, Airbus said its airliner shipments hit a new high of 718. Last year Boeing supplied763 planes, surpassing its own 2015-high by one. On Monday, Airbus also acknowledged that the A380 Super Jetbo programme's prospects are very doubtful.

They said the programme's futures depend on Emirates and describe it as the only carrier capable of ordering enough aircraft to keep it going. "In my opinion, if we can't work out a deals with Emirates, there's no other option but to turn off the program," John Leahy, the company's Chief Operations Officer, said to journalists on Monday.

For Airbus, the A380 was a great letdown. More than 200 of the double-decker jets have been shipped, 95 of which are still on order, well below the 1,200 anticipated when the plane was launched in 2005. He said he believed there was still a bright perspective for major jets, as carriers will need major jets as airline traffic increases.

"You' re not going to duplicate the number of airplanes flying to Heathrow or Frankfurt... if they want to go, they have to go in larger planes."

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