Boeing 737 Business Jet for Sale

Sell Boeing 737 Business Jet

Find out why this Boeing 19-passenger jet has a range of 6001-7000 nm. The successful sales increase of the long-haul passenger Boeing 737-900ER inspired the designers to develop a luxurious business jet for companies. The world's largest business jet, Qatar Amiri Boeing 747-8, is for sale! Boeing has been offering its aircraft for sale to private parties or governments for years as part of its BBJ programme. Company jet, year of construction: 2011, registration number: VP-BOP.

Expertise BBJ

Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) provides the ultimative travelling adventure in personal jet VIPs. He has three times the internal area of other business aircraft at a similar cost with a cruising distance of more than 6,000 mph. The BBJ is built on the Boeing 737 aircraft and provides passengers with a place to work, rest, eat and rest, equipped with the latest technologies and conveniences.

BBJ allows travellers to travel across seas and continents with a 10 hour flight distance at most. In spite of its extraordinary scale and reach, the take-off needs of the Boeing Business Jet are only slightly higher than those of other long-range personal aircraft and offer broad access to airports. Boeing Business Jet's in-depth understanding of the business is second to none.

Business Boeing Jet for sale - VP-BOP

Boeing BBJ (Business Jet) is an ultra-long cruising double -fan jet built on the Boeing 737 airliner, using the 737-700 body with the reinforced wing and chassis of the bigger 737-800. Boeing BBJ is also known as Boeing 737-700IGW (Increased Gross Weight). For the Boeing BBJ there is no continuous further development of the series numbers.

The fuselage sections are taken at random from the Boeing 737-700 aircraft manufacturing line and supplemented as BBJs by the attachment of 737-800 and winglet wing and undercarriage assemblies.

PM's old jet that's gonna be up for auction next weekend? Malaysia

August 12th - An old ruling jet assumed to have been used by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak is to be sold next Tuesday at a start price of 80.5 million RM, according to an ad placed today by the Department of Finance of the Ministry of Defense in the broad Malaysia Broadside of Utusan Malaysia. Advertisements said it was a'sale of a Boeing Business Jet 737-700, an executive jet of the Malaysia authorities, for sale'.

Rafizi Ramli, the legislator of the Polish People's Party (PKR), who had previously uncovered the government's doubtful aviation business, alleged that there was only one Boeing jet of this type in the possession of Putrajaya. Rafizi said, however, that he was uncertain whether the initial bid rate for the bid would correspond to the actual value of the airplane on the merchant fleet.

"The aircraft is about 16 years old, 80 million should be around the cost of the aircraft, but I can't say for sure that the actual going rate or if they sell it higher or lower," he said. Upon being approached, an official from the Finance Department of the Defense Department declined to respond to the call for tenders and asked instead to forward the matter to his supervisor, Datuk Seri Abdul Rahim Mohamad Radzi, General Secretary of the Department.

They can probably ask the CSU for a comment," said the official, who asked not to be mentioned, using the Malaysian initially to reference the general secretary serving the department. Early this year, Rafizi alleged that the Barisan Nasional German authorities had signed a lease agreement for a new jet, an Airbus ACJ320, from Jet Premier One (M) Sdn Bhd.

It has been rumored that the old Boeing plane was to be superseded because it was very old, with governments allegedly saying it was over 20 years old and very expensive to service. In March, Rafizi, who is also PKR General-Secretary, stated that the Boeing Jet costs RM 28.8 million per year in hire-purchase and RM 5.5 million per year in annual service charges.

Completion of the bidding process is scheduled for 2 September, approximately two weeks after the start of sales.

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