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"There is definitely a lot of oversupply - private jets sitting on runways or flying under capacity. With ACS you can organise your private jet charter all over the world. The INFLITE Private Jet Charter is available in many sizes and with various services and functions on board. Privileged jets can also fly to airports that cannot be reached by commercial flights.

Eight most costly airplanes in the world: How much does it costs to travel like the elite?

Which are the most costly aircraft in the globe in 2018? Even the most beloved president aircraft can't keep up. Here is the complete listing of the 8 most costly aircraft in the world: This is why wealthy individuals who can buy their own private jets choose to buy them.

Large private aircraft provide a variety of amenities including sleep accommodation, fully stocked fully faired open plan dining area, bath with bathtub, meeting room, meeting room, internet connection and satelite comms. Your environment can be accommodated effortlessly by the aircraft and you don't have to pay any aircraft or transport for it. The Sultan of Brunei, for example, has installed sinks made of massive golden in the private plane baths. reported that the most costly private plane is owned by Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia, who has spent a hefty 500 million dollars on his Airbus A380. There are also many well-off travellers who are willing to buy a good deal to indulge in the luxury of their flights. Airline companies offer convenience for your luxury ticket such as a private room with double or twin beds, dinner tables, LC display entertaining system, wines menu, catering services and more.

The Huffington Post reported that the world's most costly air fare cost more than $30,000. The luxurious amenities include spas, cosmetic benches, mattresses, individual minibars and fully self-contained private suite rooms. Let us now come to our primary mission and check the pricing, functionality and amenities of the 8 most costly aircraft in 2018.

Aeroplanes are known for their endurance in the skies. A Gulfstream IV established in June 1987 global record breaking classes by travelling 25 minutes in 45 hours around the earth to the westward. In the following year, another Gulfstream IV aircraft broke record levels and flies around the earth to the eastern hemisphere. The aircraft is used by executives, charterers, companies and private people.

Prosperous people like the Sultan of Brunei and the Sultan of Johor purchased this airplane. It has a cruise velocity of 850-903 km/h and a top velocity of 935 km/h. BD-700 Global Express is a long-range, twin-engine company jet engineered to meet the need for ultra-long-range commercial use.

It has striking wings with low/flushed wings and a curved T-tail with a curved vertical fin. It has a cruise of 505 kts and a cruise of up to 6700 mph. Trump's airplane is one of the quickest in the galaxy and can reach more than 500 mph, driven by two Rolls-Royce R6211 turboprop thrusters that can keep it above water for 16hrs.

One Boeing 757 offers space for up to 200 persons, but Trump has rebuilt his aircraft for only 23 of them. Beside the two sleeping rooms there is a private room for guests, a dinner room and a videoroom with film. The Trump company is paying a generous fee for these conveniences and is shooting out about $10,800 for a one-hour trip that includes gas.

The undisclosed customer has furnished his private aircraft with luxury such as a fully fitted en room, private lounge, private lounge, private lounge, private lounge, private lounge, private lounge, private lounge, private lounge, private lounge, private lounge, private lounge, private lounge, private lounge, private lounge, private lounge, private lounge, private lounge, private lounge, private lounge, private lounge, private lounge, private lounge, private lounge, private lounge, private lounge with breathtaking view, an en-suite lounge, a private lounge, a private lounge, a guest bedroom with en-suite bath, and a private studio. Further conveniences are large TV, low table, two lounge areas with couches, a 14 person dinning room and a large conference room.

It'?s no wonder the airplane finds a place in our ranking of the most pricey airplanes. On a 9,200-mile journey, this stunning airplane can reach a velocity of about 645 mph. The Airbus A380 is a two-stage wide-body four-engine jet. Saudian prince's airplane contains a prayer room that turns in such a way that it always points to Mecca, a barn for horse and camel and a car shelter.

It is the biggest airliner in the whole wide open space, and to house it, many airfields all over the planet have renovated their buildings. On November 4, 2010, this airplane was in the middle of an incident on a Shanghai-Sydney trip when one of its power plants encountered a serious engine failure that caused the pilots to make a landing in Singapore.

A340-300 has a seating capability of 295 passengers-and can travel up to 7,400 sea-mile ( 13,700 km ) in a seamless journey. Lufthansa is indeed the biggest customer of this type of airplane and runs a total of 30 of them. It has a cruise velocity of 871 km/h (541 mph) and a top velocity of 914 km/h (568 mph).

There are two well-equipped galleys with facilities to cater for 100 persons. However, this has no effect on business aviation, as this aircraft usually land and take off from US base aircraft. This aircraft has room for 100 passenger and 26 flight crews. And Northrop was selected to make this warplane.

She has a flight distance of 6,000 sea miles and fills up every six and a half years. Conveniences include a hotplate for preparing meals, a berth and a lavatory. After all, the B-2 can reach a top velocity of 1,010 km/h.

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