Passport to Perfume

Perfuming passport

They run a perfumery, create new fragrances and take care of the inventory. Travel around the world on weekends in search of rare ingredients, perfume bottles and new fragrance recipes. Travel with Sophia, a young adventurer and perfumer, to discover the rarest fragrances in the world. Download the full PC game download for Passport to Perfume.

Perfuming passport

Journey the galaxy with Sophia, a young adventuress and perfumer in quest of the world's rare fragrances. Administer your perfumery by designing fragrances, servicing your clients and monitoring your stock. Spend the cash you earn to equip your store and browse the edges of the earth for fanciful combs.

Passport to Perfume? full edition offers features: Follow the fragrance of perfection as you enjoy the free Passport to Perfume? free evaluation today! Using the pointer to create fragrances and service your clients. Browse each site for the desired item.

Passsport to Perfume - complete solution, tips, evaluation

Perfume making, bottling all days long and sell the scented goods to all who come. To say nothing of the many journeys to the four corners of the globe in quest of the scarcest ingredient to create the most scented and lucrative fragrances on the market.

In addition, Marie Antoinette is constantly looking for the rare scents she wears herself - a quest that has taken the lives of your dear dad, and you will soon find that Passport to Perfume is not your normal timemanagement chore. Passport to Perfume features Sophia, an up-and-coming young perfumer from the 1940s.

Using the default method of managing your hours, you spent your day meeting the customer's needs and trying to give him what he wants quickly enough to earn the most from him. First, choose from a selection of ready-made fragrances that you can easily collect and resell to your customers.

Secondly, you may be asked for one of your characteristic fragrances. This requires that you take an empty vial and fill it with one of the fragrances that you are creating. Every one of these fragrances has a different colour and can be blended into even more fragrances. In order to make things even more complicated, there are a number of different types of flasks to select from, and you have the possibility of sprinkling the flasks with different colours.

As a result, the value of the perfume is increased, but so is the amount of elapsed waiting times to service the client, and as always, the client's patient pace quickly becomes thin. Give them their perfume in good season, and they'll even give you a little more for your problems. Contrary to many timesheets, the cash you make doesn't just go towards upgrading the store, although this is one of the most important things.

They have a restricted range of empty vials for their characteristic perfumes and also a restricted range of pre-filled perfumes. Because as soon as you close out a particular perfume or a particular perfume, those consumers will exit the store without purchasing anything. A series of laps later, you'll put on your adventure clothing and set off to distant countries in quest of new fragrance ingredient.

Here the gameplay changes to a pretty easy to play hidden object mode where you have to find a number of different accessories and flasks in the scenery. Once you have collected the new ingredient, you can go to the mixer screens between laps and modify the mixture of your characteristic fragrances. Toggling between the available ingredient levels, you try to compensate the retail value of the scent with the amount of filling required to fill a can.

Does the additional amount of filling your bottles pay off in order to earn a small fortune with a scent? Of the first piece of preliminary history you see, you realise that Sophia is not your ordinary shopkeeper, and that Passport to Perfume is not going to be your ordinary times managment game.

While you are adding more vials to your sale and can do more things to make the end result more complicated, the campaign can get a little more intensive. It' not nearly as intensive as the Chocolatier franchise, which I think the developer had in mind for this one. I' ve spent a lot of my spare tire to mix and remix ingredient to find new fragrances.

It was a pleasure for me to balance the advantages of the expense of the fragrance versus the amount of elapsed amount of filling it. They sometimes payed off, sometimes they become an obstacle, especially when I got too hungry and perfumed for far too long to get into the can.

Using a multi-planar cameras concept is a one-of-a-kind characteristic that I think could be used on a much more extensive hidden object play to give the scene a sense of movement and profoundness. I' m going to have to deal with one of the facets of the big match.

Unfortunately, one of these objectives allows to easily drop the flask and does not enable the operation necessary to fulfill the purposes of the stations. However, I have not yet found any use for adjusting a cylinder at one of the workplaces without actually enabling it, so I do not know why this function was there.

Congratulations to the Passport to Perfume creators (Mean Hamster Software, creators of Everything Nice) for trying to introduce some new features to the Zeitmanagement category. You haven't quite achieved your goal in some areas, but the primary match is a great deal of enjoyable, though a little too simple.

If you don't consider yourself a champion of the stroke, I would suggest you try Passport to Perfume.

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