How to Book a Flight Online

To book a flight online

Indeed, the senior tariffs are now available online. Just select the number of older passengers from the Passenger drop-down list on the Flight Booking page. On this page you can manage your booking. Skip to How do I book a flight online?

Can I book a flight online?

Can I book a flight online? In order to book a flight online, click on the flight page in the top navigational toolbar or use the flight finder at the top of the page to find what you are looking for. Type in the information you need and then click the Find a flight icon.

If I miss my flight, what happens? Please call us at 400 828 8966 (within mainland China) or (86 21) 3210 4669 (from outside mainland China) or call the carrier's personnel. What can I do to get my flight cancelled? When your ticketing is completed, you cannot cancele your order, see Q. Can I get a refund once I canceled my ticketing?

In case you have not paid for the tickets, you can void your flight reservations by selecting the Account page on the right side of the top of the page menu. Log in and choose My Reservations, then Air Trips to view your flight order histories. Please click on the corresponding order number to open the page with the order information.

Press the Cancell Order pushbutton to cancels your order. What do I have to do to get paid for my flight? If you wish to make an overseas flight reserve, you can use our online system to make your payments by using your online debit cards. If you are flying within Germany, you can use your PayPal or your debit and credit cards. PayPal payments are only possible when you book a flight within Germany that departs more than 24 hrs from the date of your flight book.

If you are flying within mainland China, you can cash in at the main desk on presentation of your identity card or your ID card. If you are flying to or from a non-Chinese mainland country, you must directly consult the carrier to verify whether other documents or information, such as an e-ticket number or visas, are required.

The guidelines differ depending on the airline. Detail is displayed during the flight reservation procedure. To obtain evidence of your refund, you can ask for an officially endorsed travel route (xingchengdan, ???) when making your online reservation. It can be sent either by post or to an adress in mainland China. May I change my tickets?

Once they have been exhibited, they cannot be changed online. Is there a way to get a refund should I reverse my purchase? Please see the How do I cance my flight booking? page for information on how to cancelling a flight booking. Log in and choose My Booking and then My Trips to view your flight order histories.

Please click on the corresponding order number to open the page with the reservation information. Once the order stage ticket(s) has been completed and there is a return badge on the reservation detail page, you can request a return, but there may be a return charge depending on the airline's policies.

Is there anything that happens if I make my book more than once? You will be liable for cancelation charges if ticketing was made for the same person as a result of repeated or intersecting reservations (including reservations for departing on the same day). Which is the ticketing requirement? For how long after my reservations, will my ticketing be made?

As a rule, your ticket will be delivered half an hours after you have made your flight booking and purchased your flight. Where do I know my booking has been verified? As soon as your booking has been sent and accepted, we will confirm it by e-mail. When you enter a Mandarin cell number, you will also get an SMS that confirms your booking.

Can I book children's or infants' online ticket? Every addition to a reservation must include one additional parent (usually 18 years of age or older) for each additional parent or newborn. Notice that our system does not currently offer the ability to include both kids and babies in a singular reservation.

Certain carriers do not allow online bookings of baby or baby seats. In this case, you may need to directly approach the carrier to make a flight reservations. Notice that our system currently only allows kids and toddlers travelling with the same reservations. Certain carriers do not allow us to sell online your children's or toddlers' pass.

It may be necessary to check with the airline companies to book it. Can I book a flight well in ahead? Reservations can be made 180 and 365 day in advance respectively for home and overseas travel. Flight fares indicated for departures one or more months in the future are estimates derived from past trend ticketing fares and, if not reserved and purchased, must be verified nearer the date of travel.

Airlines' schedules are subject to changes without prior warning and reduced fare will be subject to changes. How high is the free luggage limit on air travel? Inland travel is permitted 40 kg per firstclass adult and infant ticket, 30 kg per business-class adults and infants, and 20 kg per economy-class adults and infants.

Follow the guidelines and instructions of the various airlines for the free luggage allowances for children's use. There are different free luggage allowances for different airlines on different types of flight. Observe the guidelines and requirements of the various airlines for certification. Read the guidelines and instructions of each carrier for information on free luggage allowances. Is there a rule for liquids in hand luggage on a flight?

Travellers with young children may, at the moment of purchasing the tickets, directly demand that the carriers serve free dairy liquids on their flight. Please see the guidelines and instructions of each carrier for further information. Which cabin luggage policy applies to air travel? Generally, for internal travel, hand luggage with a total of 5 kg (11 lb) or less per piece and per person may be carried on aircraft free of cost.

Please observe the guidelines and rules of the respective airlines for your flight.

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