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THEIR CABLE TV PROGRAMME WITH CHARTER. Isn' that your tour leader? Isn' that your tour leader? Figure out what your guidelines are. Alternatively, you can click Menus and then use the arrows to move to Guide located in the Home screen.

You can do it in the guide: Simply toggle between the video and standard guides by clicking the Guides key on your RCU. You have three ways to get hold of the story: you can

When live TV is on, push A on your RCU, then 3 on the numeric keypad, then OK/Select. While watching TV on your TV, push A on your wireless controller, then down arrows to mark Guided Talk, and push OK/Select. Push the Menu key, then down arrows to Settings and Support and push OK/Select.

Scroll to Guidebook and click OK/Select. On your RCU, click Guide to display the channel lists for the selected lesson. Scroll through the guide using the arrows on your RCU to display programme tracks and lists. To surf more quickly, use the Page Up/Down keys on the RCU to search the offers one page at a time. Quickly search the offers by page.

To quickly navigate through the offers, keep the cursor keys on the RCU pressed in the desired orientation. Once the Channels bar is open, push the right hand arrows on your RCU to see coming shows for thatchannels. While the program is displayed, push the OK/Select key on the RCU to show the channels bar.

With all the features of the Standard Guide, the Mini Guide allows you to continue to see the channels you're currently looking at as you search for other programs. Push the OK/Select key twice on the RCU while looking at the program to see the Quick Guide. It is also possible to see and search the guide in full screen while displaying a DVR incident or delayed incident by clicking Guide or Menu.

Find out more about how to change the channel bar and mini guide preferences. Info banner provides detail information on how to programme the programme you are currently viewing, or tracks that have been chosen while searching the guide. In order to display the info banner, push the Info key on your RCU and then use the arrows to choose from the available programme items.

Toggle between the standard guided tour and the video guided tour: Alternate between the light conductor and the dark conductor: Modify the guidance wallpaper colour. Organize which programs appear in the guides. Hint: If you enable the option Disable content, adults will be hidden in the tutorial, regardless of whether the parental control is ON or OFF.

That' s what the guide looks like when it is sorted by favorites: On your RCU, push the Guide key. Push the A or Options key on your wireless control. Using the arrows, navigate to Filters and Sort Channels, then click OK/Order. Using the arrows on the RCU, mark a desired item, and then click OK/Select.

Choose the sorting item you want to use to narrow the selections by alphabet or channel number, and then click OK/Select. Mark Submit with the arrows, then click OK/Select to refresh your filters. Use the TV Options submenu for fast and easy TV options to turn Closed Captions, DVS and Guide Narration on or off. Push the A key on your wireless control to open the TV Options screen, and then use the numeric keypad to make a choice.

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