Multi Stopover

Several stopovers

Use this option to book your itinerary with stopovers. This is how you make an additional stop As of today, you can include an added stop to your reservation. Riders will be informed of both stations when they get your reservation, so lean back, unwind and indulge in the trip. Please note: The added stop must be added before making the reservation. Once a rider is assigned, you cannot append, remove, or change a stop.

Once you have entered your collection and return points, press "+" to insert an additional stop. Choose the position of the additional stop. Touch the Trade symbol to alter the order of your stop; tariffs may vary. Booking your trip! Once you have entered your collection and return points, press "+" to insert an additional stop.

2 ) The RM 65 to and from KLIA / KlIA2 flat rate does not work. 3 ) For reservations to and from Genting a supplement of RM50 will be charged. What kind of service can I take a trip with an additional stop for? When can I make a reservation, how many additional trips can I make?

What is the price of the ticket? Advance fares include the costs of the additional stop and are discounted on the basis of the entire mileage. Is it possible to apply promotional code s/discounts on journeys with additional bus stop? Does the price stay the same if I change the order of the stop? Since the advance booking tariff is defined by the overall distances, the ticket price increases or decreases accordingly if the sequence of stations is changed.

For how long can the rider await at the additional stop? At your pick-up location, your chauffeur will await you for a period of up to 3 min. Please make two bookings if you need to queue at the first stop. The price is fixed at the moment of reservation according to the order of the stop.

on the way to or from a target town.

on the way to or from a target town. An intermediate stop is a deliberate intermediate stop to or from a particular town. Just type in the "From" point of origin, the "To" point of origin and the date of each part of your journey. 1 ) Round Trip Allows a traveller departing from the departing town ( A ) to the arriving town ( A ) to make a stopover in town ( A ).

As an alternative, the stopover can also take place between town ( A ) and town ( A ). 2 ) Round Trip Allows a traveller to travel from the departing town ( A ) to the final town ( B ). Passengers then travel to their final destinations (C) by another means of transportation. Passengers return from town ( A ) to town ( A ).

It is a kind of multi-city route called open pine. 3 ) Roundtrip ticket enabling a traveller to travel from the point of origin (A) to the point of arrival (B). Passengers return from their final destinations (B) to (C). Also known as an open cheek, this kind of multi-city travel route is a multi-city one.

A $30 per person reservation charge plus tax will be applied to all bookings. See the Terms and Conditions for Flight Awards for fixed kilometre and stopover flight award information. Intermediate stop(s) fares are allowed under the fares regulations in force at the date of reservation and involve extra kilometres which differ from ticketing to ticketing.

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