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Online Seat Reservation by Jet Airways

Seating selection for JetPrivilege members. Airways offers an online function for "managing my bookings" that allows you to access your booking via your PNR number. The maximum number of passengers in your booking record (PNR) is seven. Yes, if you use Web Check-in, you can change or select your seat.

Q&A: Seat reservations | Jet Airways answers your flight operator queries

Ladies and Gentlemen, the information you provided was very useful for the choice of places, but there is no information on how to reserve places, since I have made a reservation of an aircraft for the first occasion, I have obtained the tickets with PRN No, but do not know the booking process, since we are a pair, I would like to reserve the place near the windows and would be enjoying my first trip with Jet Airways.

Airways offers an online function for "managing my bookings" that allows you to use your PNR number to make your booking. There is a corresponding hyperlink below, but it is not mentioned that seat choice is one of the available choices. Choose your seat during online check-in, which is available between 1 and 48 hrs before your flight departs on home routes and between 2 and 48 hrs on overseas itineraries.

The online check-in is possible on all major Abu Dhabi, Bangkok, Brussels, Colombo, Dammam, Dhaka, Doha, Dubai, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Kuala Lumpur, London, Milan, Sharjah and Singapore destinations. Please go to the Jet Airway FAQ section ( and click "Web Check-in" from the drop-down menu for more information. Unless you can expect to be able to wait up to two and a half nights before your plane to pick your seat, I would advise you to call Jet and ask if it is possible to do this in advance. Your seat will be available for you to use.

For Web Check-in, Jet Airways calculates in a distorted way.

And I said, surprised me, and it seems that nowadays I get all the false surprises! What a shame! Look, I've been a Jet Airways pilot for a long way, and there are things I like, like their community service and things I don't like, like their dinner. Now there is a new grief that has been instituted for non-elite pilots in the last three day or so.

Now let's go back to Seat Select, a place reservation system where anyone can reserve a seat on an aircraft before the check-in screen opens. Well, all airline companies make you buy their tickets now, but my seat payment item is still due to the fact that I bought a seat on the airplane, so why should I buy more for a seat surcharge?

Hardly recall I paid for the seat pick. Previously, Platinum & Gold members could log in 48hrs in advance with premier staterooms, and all others could log in 24hrs in advance. The Seat Select was used to switch off after 24 h for the plane. Today my mom and dad are supposed to be travelling, and I tried to get them checked in last night.

That' s how we got to the web check-in page, where a guy who' really nice doesn't tell us anything about the new changes. Well, I shut the windows and aborted check-in. So when we checking them in this mornin' for the night ride, everything on the airplane was open, and they were in the'20s as for those who had already boarded the plan.

That was not enough to encourage them to make a check-in, and they would all want to make a check-in at the airports now. It is a full turning point from a period when the same carrier would be paying 250 JP Miles to tell passengers to go online. Why are most likely to ask themselves why they are not able to choose a place for free?

A few and a half years ago, when a readers twittered to me, I had some information about this edition, but I thought I could try this new extension myself soon. As I said before, most of us will be forced to make the check-in payment now. Remember that there is no official notice of this combined seat selection function with the airline's check-in function.

Many will unknowingly make a payment if they think this is the only way they can get an allocated seat. Unfortunately, they were not alerted, except in a note somewhere on the check-in page. I should be pleased about this step as a stockholder, but what has become of the transparency-day?

How do you feel about this new improvement from Jet Airways? What is next to you in Jet Airways next weekend? The rationalization of Jet Airways' costs will be debated at a meeting of the Management Committee next Wednesday. This is my attempt to predict all the many things that might be on the cutting edge of your Jet Airways flight in the next few weeks!

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