Gold Private Jet

Private Gold Jet

That's why we're introducing our newest trailer, the private jet. Top 10 most pricey private aircraft Prinz Al-Waleed bin Talal owns the most pricey private jet and definitely the most select airplane on our roster. A regular Airbus A380 is the most costly airliner, which sells about 400 million dollars this year. Elaborate adaptation for the princes will increase this cost to over $500 million.

So, if you thought that the Prince's 747 (4th on our list) was pending, please hold off until you heard about the so-called 'Flying Palace', where the new Airbus A380 will fit. Planned for delivery this year, the aircraft will have a recital room, a Turkey bathroom, a Rolls-Royce car park and even a meeting room with automatic turning electronics in the direction of Mecca.

It belongs to the wealthiest man in Russia - a millionaire Alisher Ashmanov. In addition to the flamboyant and luxury paintwork, the airplane bears the name "Bourkhan", as it was given after the sire of Alisher Ashmanov. There is the biggest private airplane in Russia, even larger than the Ilyushin Il-96 of President Vladimir Putin.

Originally, the aircraft was priced at 238 million dollars, but according to, the definitive costs are valued at 350 to 500 million dollars, considering the interiors and technologies used. Another 747 on our roster is the Sultan of Brunei - one of the wealthiest emperors in the whole wide globe.

Originally the aircraft cost about $100 million and the Sultan has invested more than another $100 million to modernize its interiors, which cry out for luxuries with gold detail throughout the aircraft. There is a lounge, a master suite and a bath room all adorned with gold and crystals, with sinks in massive gold.

The 747, initially designed for more than 400 persons, is owned by Al-Waleed bin Talal, Duke of Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia. In 2003 the Saudian monarch purchased this aircraft and had it adapted to his own needs. With two luxury double rooms, a 14-person dinner desk and a central seat in the centre of the aircraft, the princes are probably reminded of his home country home while touring.

There are 11 cabin crew on the aircraft to guarantee the Prince's constant well-being. Also known as "Bandit" because of its color, this 767-33A/ER is owned by the Russians billiard player and Chelsea stadium manager Roman Abramovich. Initially designed to carry up to 300 people, the aircraft was able to easily transport an entire crew from match to match.

The aircraft's inside is supposed to be furnished with a beautiful varnish on the outside and adorned with gold and chestnuts. One of the 10 most pricey private jet aircraft, this "Dreamliner" offers sophisticated styling combined with state-of-the-art technologies to provide the full travel pleasure of the passenger cabin.

Tyler Perry, an amazing US based production, acting and directing man, owns this wonderful jet. Due to the courageously spelled name on the side of the aircraft, you won't make a single error if you answer the questions about who owns this Boeing 757. Donald Trump, the renowned tycoon, purchased this previously used aircraft from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and has made luxury adjustments to his own design to make it one of the most costly private aircraft ever.

Throughout the aircraft, the lush interiors feature gold hardware, among them the gold-plated buckle belts in the master and guests staterooms, as well as a gold-plated washbasin and bath fixtures. Originally the aircraft was priced at 57 million dollars, but the internal modification has raised the definitive costs to around 80 million dollars.

Up to 19 seats can be accommodated and there is room for 8 persons. End of our glossary of the most pricey private aircraft - the beautiful Boeing 2 jet in the possession of Mukesh Ambani, the wealthiest man in India. With an area of 1000 m² and an Executive-Lounge and private suites with bedrooms and bathrooms, this aircraft really has what it needs to be a "Flying Hotel" and meets the commercial and private needs of the millionaire when it comes to aviation.

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