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Mr Icsi Chartered Secretary

The ICSI has reached an agreement with the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators, UK. Wird das Institute of Company Secretary of India seinen Namen in Chartered Secretary ändern. Nom de l'ICSI dans le poste de secrétaire agréé.

At the moment I am doing CS from ICSI (Institute of Company Secretary of India). Do you have the possibility to get a position abroad (outside India)?

A recent Oxford poll on the probability of a robotic taking people's workplaces in 20 years puts company secretaries at a low 6% level of exposure, as opposed to a chartered auditor who bears more than 90% of the risks. They can try to try directly to try to get onto ICSA UK even where there is no punishment, like in the ICSI course, trying the whole group if a topic is not clarified.

In addition, the success ratios are also good in contrast to the ICSI India course, where the success ratio is abyss low. It is about 25 or 30% for some UK course module units, this is 1 in 3 clear and for some units it is even 50%. In my opinion, I think it' re widespread worldwide in the UK. Also, only about 300 graduates each year, unlike in India where about 1500 or 2000 graduate. And, only about 300 students each year.

The low level of supplies leads to demands in the shape of respectful treatment and compensation for skilled works councils abroad. So if you are seriously trying for foreign options go for UK course directly towards International Student Services (ICSA) as it is relatively simpler to exist than India ICSI course. Then later, you can decide whether you also want to receive your AS from ICSI, India, after you have passed 3 documents from ICSI.

The only thing you can't do by acquiring ICSI affiliation after becoming an member of ISSA is that I don't think you can practise in India, but you can take a position as corporate secretary in India. In my opinion, clarifying UK and International Medical Association (ICSA) examinations is much simpler. In fact, some businesses are even reluctant when it comes to appointing a "full-time secretary of the company" that they still have their own Chief Financial Officer as CS.

In fact, the necessity of the lesson is that the Institute first asks the employer who appears to be reluctant to appoint "full-time secretaries". In my opinion, the reasons for this may be that the law is not penalized so much or that a period of 6 month is given for the nomination of a new secretary after the retirement of the former secretary.

A further problem is that the experience of PCS businesses is not sufficiently taken into account in wage negotiations when looking for work in them. It is a fact that a secretary is much better educated while working in the PCS business than when completing one. And this is reflected in the salaries on offer, which are usually offensive in view of the individual juridical exposure that a secretary, unlike other staff with no juridical exposure such as software engineers or managers, assumes: about Rs.2. 5 to 5 lachs (the default salaries that BPO staff are offered).

In other words, a foreigner respects a skilled company secretary and pays a good salary. So my best suggestion would be to go directly to ICCSA, UK and one of these days become Grade ICCSA and get some experiences and become an ACIS. However, try to deserve an LLB, if possible, because your company secretary will be very rewarding everywhere.

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