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The Macbook Air Trigger

New MacBook Air Released by Apple End of Third Quarter 2018: Review Another release adds her vocal to the choir of source commentators that Apple will be releasing a new MacBook Air later this year. A new MacBook Air version will be released between September and October 2018. Reportedly, Apple will announce three new iPhones, a new iPad Pro, and iMac and Mac min at its autumn 2010 Apple Mac 2010 Games 2010 show, it is possible that the Apple Group could announce a new MacBook Air with a straightforward news release, similar to the new MacBook Pros this year.

While TrendForce gave no detail as to why Apple is so certain it will release a new MacBook Air in the third quarter of 2018, as MacRumors states, both Bloomberg reporters Mark Gurman and Ming-Chi Kuo, two of Apple's most trusted predictors of how it will move in the direction of the next step, have said that they will release a new laptop sometime in 2018.

Since March 2015, Apple has not launched a larger version of MacBook Air. The latest version, launched in 2017, even has an old Broadwell Intelhip.

That'?s a report: New MacBook Air will be available from Apple in September or October.

An article from Taiwan shows that Apple may be getting ready to deliver a new MacBook Air in September or October. Q2 was the transitional phase in which Apple prepared for the release of the coming new MacBook products for the year. As a result, TrendForce anticipates that MacBook deliveries will rise significantly in the third fiscal quarter of 2018 as Apple launches a new MacBook Pro at the beginning of the third fiscal quarter and a new MacBook Air at the end of the third fiscal year.

In July, when the third calendar month began, Apple launched a new MacBook Professional line. And if the corporation is planning to abandon a MacBook Air, as million had hoped in the last two or three years, it would meet TrendForce's September or October forecast, which coincides with both the iPhone events and the end of Q3/beginning of Q4.

However, it is doubtful that Apple will choose to present a new MacBook Air at its iPhone show. Three new iPhone phones, new AirPods, rumors about iMac and Mac Online advertisements, and the launch of the Apple Watch 4 series - the Apple Watch 4 game. So as I said, it's doubtful that Apple will add another item to the mixture and still limit the show to +/- twohrs.

Much more likely, I would guess, is a chance news release that announces the start. However, we haven't yet received any information from Apple confirming that this will be the case. It'?s just a matter of conjecture. It' s also noteworthy that Bloomberg's Bloomberg Scope engine, Mark Gurman, and the world's most trusted Apple researcher, Ming-Chi Kuo, both anticipate that a new entry-level laptop, $999 or less, will be launched this year.

However, a MacBook Air is not explicitly mentioned either. MacBook Air is still a very beloved MacBook, even though it hasn't undergone a major upgrading in over three years.

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