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All SriLankan's long-haul fleet offers full flatbed seats with Audio Video on Demand (AVOD) facilities. Find out about cabin crew profiles at Srilankan Airlines, vacancies and salaries. Checking and learning the skills to become a cabin crew.


Some luggage may be taken free of charge unless our terms and restrictions are available on application to us or our authorised agents. They are obliged to reimburse a fee for the transport of luggage in excess of the free luggage limit. You may not take up into your luggage. 1

An aeroplane is an aeroplane which is intended to be carried to or from an aeroplane, or which is intended to be carried to or from an aeroplane, where the transport of such aeroplanes is forbidden by the law, regulation or order of that State. 8.3.1. Where we reasonably consider articles to be unfit for transportation because they are hazardous, insecure or because of their mass, height, shape and/or nature, or which are frangible or pernicious, inter alia in relation to the nature of the aeroplane used.

Article 2 Shooting weapons and munitions not intended for shooting or sports shall not be carried as baggage. Shooting weapons and munitions for hunters and sportsmen may be acceptable as hold baggage. Transport of munitions is governed by International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and International Air Transport Association (IATA) rules as specified in Article 6 Articles the transport of which is forbidden by any law, regulation or order in force in a State to be overflown from, to or to.

Seven articles which, in the view of the carrier, are unfit for transport because of their mass, height or nature, such as sharps and/or uneven metallic articles not correctly packaged in excess of 5 kg. With the exception of canines, dogs, cats, domestic fowl and other domestic fowl, 8 living specimens shall be accepted in accordance with the Freight Forwarder's instructions.

Temporary or corruptible objects, cash, jewellery, precious metal, cutlery, tradable paper, security or other valuable item, commercial document, passport and other identity document or sample. Three ( 3) Arms such as ancient guns, sabers, blades, and similar objects may be acceptable as hold baggage at our sole option, but are not allowed in the cabin of the airplane.

You may not hold in your hold luggage cash, jewelry, precious metal, computer equipment, electrical equipment, tradable paper, security or other valuable item, commercial document, passport or other identity document or sample. If 4 are contained in your luggage, we are not liable for lost or damaged these objects.

Notwithstanding Sections 8.3. 3, we will decline to transport the articles described in 8.3 as Baggage and we may decline to continue to transport such articles upon detection. As Baggage, we may deny transportation of articles which we consider inappropriate due to their height, form, weight, contents, nature, security or operating conditions or the convenience of other travellers.

Notwithstanding the above, we may decline to take delivery of Luggage for transportation unless, in our reasonably considered judgement, it is correctly and safely packaged in appropriate container. We may ask you for the sake of personal protection to allow a personal inspection, a personal examination, a physical examination, a scanning or an X-ray of your luggage.

In the event that you are unavailable, your Checked Baggage will be screened in your unavailability to determine whether you are in possesion of or whether your Checked Luggage contains any of the items described in 8.3. In the event that you do not wish to meet such a demand, we may deny carriage of you and your luggage.

We will not be held responsible for any loss or injury caused to your luggage by a raid or scanner or by an x-ray or scanner unless we are guilty or negligent. Once your luggage has been handed over for inspection, we will take care of its safekeeping and provide a luggage identification plate for each item of your hold luggage.

The baggage must bear your name or other unique identifier. 2 Checked-in baggage must bear your name or other unique identifier. Whenever possible, hold baggage will be transported by the same airplane as you, unless we choose to take it on another air journey for either operating or securing purposes. When your hold baggage is transported on a later air journey, we will endeavor to provide it to you unless the current legislation demands that you be present at the time of custom formalities.

We can set limits on the size and/or weights of luggage you take to the plane. Failure to do so will result in the luggage you take with you on the plane having to be placed under the front passenger seats or in a closed stowage box in the cab.

Where your Luggage cannot be stowed in this way, is overweight or for any reasons is deemed unstable, it must be transported as hold Luggage, unless 8.2 and 8.3. Two articles which are not fit for transport in the hold (e.g. sensitive stringed instruments) and which do not comply with 8.7.

No. 1 will only be taken for cabin transportation if you have notified us in writing beforehand and we have given you our approval. Free hand luggage for 3 persons allowed: Busi-ness Grade - 2 items of hand luggage, either clothing bag or sleeping bag of not more than 18 "x14 "x8" (46x36x20 cm) with a weight not exceeding 7 kg per item, or a mixture of both.

Except for the above non check-in luggage, free carry-on bags are allowed as described below; a children's portable bag or a fully foldable baby carriage (can only be taken if there is room in the cabin). When not, as registered luggage). Restrictions on hand luggage are essential to minimise the risks of injuries to the passenger and flight crews.

Thus hand luggage that does not match the hand luggage scales at the piers is collected at the pier. Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph 8.6. 3, you are obliged to pick up your hold luggage as soon as it is made available at the place of arrival or stopover.

If your hold luggage is not collected within three (3) month of provision, we can discard it without any responsibility to you. Only the holder of the luggage registration voucher and the luggage registration voucher shall be entitled to the extradition of hold luggage. In the event that a passenger using hold luggage is not able to present the luggage voucher and identity the luggage with a luggage identification plate, we will supply the luggage to that passenger only on presentation to us of the justification of his or her right to the luggage and our signed clearance and compensation forms.

Once we have agreed to bear your pet, it will be transported under the following conditions: You must make sure that your pet such as a dog, cat, pet bird or other pet is correctly packed and escorted by current medical and immunization certification, travel permit and other documentation requested by the country of destination or transition, otherwise they will not be taken for transportation.

This transportation may be subjected to terms and circumstances established by us and available upon demand. If the pet is taken as luggage, it will not be counted towards your free luggage along with its containers and meals, but will represent surplus luggage for which you must apply the current tariff.

The 3 companion dog escorts for disabled persons are transported free of extra charges in comparison to the free luggage allowed, under the terms and condition set by us and available on inquire. Unless the transport is governed by the provisions of the Agreement, we shall not be liable for the personal injuries or losses, illness or deaths of any animals which we have undertaken to take with us unless we have been at fault.

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