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Course Company Secretary

An executive secretary is a managerial position in a private or public company. The Company Secretary is a professional career-oriented course that is particularly preferred by students of economics. Steps to Appointment as Company Secretary Steps to appointment as Company Secretary: Students who wish to join the course after having passed the 10+2 exam or equal must go through three levels in order to join the course for company secretaries, i.e. students who wish to join the course after having passed the exam must complete two levels of company secretary, i.

e. the executive programme can be completed by a person who has completed any course other than fine arts.

The CS course is open all year round. Closing date for CS course admission: . November 30 for appearance in the detail modul in June exam next year. Candidates will be considered as having successfully completed the Foundation / Executive / Professionals exam if they obtain at least 40% grades in each work and 50% grades in the total of all disciplines.

Students are obliged to take the executive and vocational examinations within the application time. ii ) a trainee who has enrolled in the Executive Programme on or before 31 March 2014 if he chooses the amended educational format instead of the previous format. You can find the short descriptions of the previous course structures and the changed course structures under

What is the duration of the secretary examination?

There' three floors to make your company secretary: First, you must appear for the formation examination, which is easily cracked if you have basics in laws and bookkeeping and if you come out of business. Entitlement to participate in the program is the twelfth round or, if you have completed your degree, you are entitled to take the Executive Program Examination without passing the Rotary Foundation Examination.

Secondly, after the adoption of the Foundation program, the second level is the Foundation program, which is tough, the total share of the Foundation program is between 5-7%, so you have to work very hard in order to succeed the Foundation program. Thirdly, after having passed the Executives Program, the Professionals Program is the last step before starting your course, of course:D, which is more difficult than the Executives, the total share of the Professionals Program is between 2-3%.

Now you can go to workout under : You have to make a decision whether you want to develop your corporate carrier (JOB) or set up your own practice: If you want to set up your own company in the near term, then you should do your apprenticeship at PCS or if you want to do a job as a company secretary, then you should do an apprenticeship at a well-known company.

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