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Obtain instructions, ratings and information for Desert Sky Taxi Cab in Lancaster, CA. Receive information, directions, products, services, phone numbers and reviews about Desert SKY Taxi Cab Co in Lancaster, CA. The Desert Sky Taxi Cab Co. is active in the field of taxis. Windhoek's public transportation is cheaper than the shuttles, but they won't drop you off at your accommodation;

taxi travel is cheap.

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Desert Sky Backpackers Lodge - Swakopmund, Namibia Reviews

Located 400 metres from the city centre and the beaches, Desert Sky Bagpackers Lodge provides everything you would want from a well-trained backpacker. Self-support canteen, living room, TV room, barbecue area and a large lawn to relax in the shade and secure park. Double rooms available, en suites and shared use of the private bathrooms, families rooms and dormitories have a max. of 3 singlebeds and bedding is provided.

If you are interested in a specific activity, we are a member of the reservation service of the Lodge. We are able to arrange it for you and collect you from and return to the Lodge. The Desert Sky Backpackers Lodge is a Youth Hostel in Swakopmund, Namibia. Desert Sky Backpackers Lodge is situated on the outskirts of Swakopmund Town. Dune and beach are both less than ten kilometers walk from the Youth Hostel.

Windhoek's local transportation is less expensive than the shuttle, but they won't take you to your accommodations; taxiing is inexpensive. There is a secure outdoor garage on the grounds so you can leave your vehicle there. Desert Sky Backpackers Lodge has both privately and shared rooms.

The dormitories are available in different heights. This smallest hostel has only three singlets. Prices are the same for all dormitories. Dormitories can be closed and each visitor has a front doors lock and either a privat or dormitory room. Dormitories don't have safety deposit boxes, though.

Shower's got a lovely print. Shared areas The youth Hostel has several shared areas. It is not the best place to see other travellers, but a good place if you want a peaceful and secure place. The Summary Desert Sky Backpackers Camp is well situated and easily found in Swakopmund.

There is a peaceful and secure environment with beautiful bedrooms and a well-equipped cuisine. But if you are a traveller who enjoys socialising with many different travellers, this may not be the best place for you. What is the rating of Desert Sky Backpackers Camp on other sites? Ideal cottage for dormitories, campsites or homes.

Lovely atmosphere in this place. Beautiful place to see other travellers. Personally, I stuck with these backpack tourists on two different opportunities - once in 2006 and once in 2007. It' also well situated - near the sea and the city centre. Especially cheap are the rooms (with common bathroom).

I am looking forward to return to the desert sky - and to organize a lying down beachboard. Well, so beautiful. A really good place to see Swakopmund. The Lofty owners are kind and their assistants are also very kind and supportive in organizing all kind of activity (skydiving, sand-boarding, all that).

Beautiful place! Beautiful campsite, beautiful rooms and beautiful bathroom!

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