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Institute of Corporate Secretaries of India. The Institute of Company Secretary of India, New Delhi, Indien. homepage SHORT PROFILE OF CS Makarand Lele, CS Makarand Lele, a member of the Institute was appointed President of the Institute of Corporate Secretaries of India for the year 2018-19 w. e. f.

19 January 2018. It is also the secretary of the Corporate Secretary Association of 15 member nations (CSIA), an association of 15 member nations representing some 1,00,000 corporate secretaries.

Since 1992, CS Makarand Lele has been a member of the Institute of Company Secretary of India. Mr. W. holds a B.Com. in Commerce from Garware College of Commerce Pune and an LL.B. in Law from ILS Law College Pune. Mr. Lele was appointed to the Central Council of the Institute for the 2015-19 period and became Vice President of the Institute for 2017-18.

Previously, he was appointed to the West Indies Regional Council and was its chairman for 2011-12. A member Mitglied des Corporate Legislation Core Committee der Mahratta Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture (MCCIA) und wurde in das Business Law Syllabus Review Committee der University of Pune eingeladen.

The Honorary Governor of Maharashtra 2016 shall appoint him as Chancellor by the Honorary Governor of Maharashtra as candidate for the Academic Council of Shivaji University, Kolhapur and North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon, as an outstanding subject matter specialist pursuant to Section 32(3)(i) of the Maharashtra Public Universities Act. Mr. Miller is a well-known coach and lecturer in various areas of company law, business and economics. He writes regularly for various journals and publication.

2018 ICSI examination 2018 examination

Institute of Company Secretary of India, gegr√ľndet nach dem Company Secretary Act, 1980. This state-approved office is a trade association that manufactures company secretaries in India. Company Secretaryship was established by the Company Law Board in 1960. ICSI was founded in 1968 and took over the performance of the audit.

In the meantime the Institute of Company Secretary of India (ICSI) has been transformed into a constitutional organ w.e.f. 1.1. under the Company Secretary Act, 1980. Examination Helpdesk No. CS consists of three stages, one of which is necessary for three examinations: All candidates who, in combination with their hands-on experiences, have also been passed the examination for the professional programme must complete four consecutive month of mandatory hands-on work.

Every student who has finished secondary school or successfully completes the 10+2 exam in any field is entitled to become a company secretary, but these must complete all three of them. Applicants are excluded from the Foundation program. All you have to do is clarify the executive program and the professional program. Applicants must either have successfully competed in the Institute's Foundation Program exam or be exempt from it.

Candidates with one of the following skills are exempt from participation in the Foundation program. Ability to pass the Foundation exam of the Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICAI-CMA) or the Common Proficiency Test (CPT), which is carried out by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) or another auditing institution recognised in India or abroad.

Non-commercial students seeking exemptions from the Foundation program exam will receive materials on four Foundation program topics so they can learn the basics of related topics on their own. Qualification Limit: If the applicant has successfully completed an exam of a module of the Executive Program conducted according to the old curriculum, he/she will earn at least forty percent grades in each work and fifty percent grades in the sum of all works in one session.

In a session, the nominee is pronounced a "passport" for one module, which secures at least forty percent mark in each work and fifty percent mark in the sum of all works. A professional program: The professional program is the last step of the company secretary. Applicants who have approved their Foundation and Executive programs are qualified to participate in the Professional Program.

In order to be accepted into the program, the applicant must apply for the professional program nine Months before the beginning of the exam year. An applicant enrolled six-months before the month of the exam may appear in one or two modules of the professional program.

Candidates must have received post or verbal instruction for the module in which they wish to take the exam. Each module of the professional program exam will be conducted in June of next year. One or two professional program exam module, taking place in June of next year.

Each module of the vocational program exam takes place in December. One or two vocational program exam module, taking place in December. Suitable for all modules: Candidates will be considered successful if they have successfully completed one or more Berufssexamen according to the old curriculum and receive at least 40% grades in each of the remainder assignments and 50% overall grades in one session.

Candidates must receive at least 40% grades in each work and 50% of the overall grades awarded in the professional programme. Candidates who fail in one field but receive at least 60% of the overall scores of the other fields of the course will be considered passed if they receive at least 50% of the repeat exam.

Approvals are open throughout the year and the audit takes place twice a year, in June and December. The following shows the chart with the CS program charge structure: Exam fee: You only have to prepay 25% of the exam fees levied by General cadets. Applicants who, in combination with their professional practice, have also been passed the professional program exam must complete four consecutive month of mandatory professional course.

At present, the Institute's exams take place in more than 100 exam centers in India and one in Dubai. Applicants wishing to appear at the Dubai International Exam Center are obliged to add to the exam fees a supplement of currently US$100 or the corresponding amount in Indian currency.

The test centre is assigned by the institute. Candidates wishing to transfer to a new centre must send an enrollment form together with 250 rubles as a deposit to the institute at least 15 working days prior to the examination date. June 2018 CS examination Test cities: Computerised examination centres:

Our concern is that you do not miss a date or an upgrade to the ICSI 2018 test! The Foundation /Executive/Professional qualification grade is at least 40% in each thesis and 50% in all subject areas. Candidates must take the Executive and Vocational Exams within the application time.

Here is a look at the course modules of the ICSI program: Results of the CS Professional and Executive June 2018 programs have been published. The scorecards and the performance lists of the CS Professional and Executive June 2018 programs were published together with the results. In June 2018, Tanu Garg took first place in the CS professional examination, followed by Devansh Sanjaybhai Shah, who took second place, and Nishant Ketan Chothani, who took third place.

Admission to the test will be granted at least 15 working days before the start of the test and will be posted on the Institute's website www.icsi. edu. Applicants who have enrolled for the Foundation, Executive and Institutional Examinations that will take place on 29 and 30 December 2017 can obtain their access passes from the Foundation's website.

Please feel free to browse and print the ICSI Examination 2018 questionnaires and specimen documents from the preceding year for your examination work. All questions and samples from last year's ICSI examination can be downloaded free of charge.

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