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One of the most popular routes for New York private jet travellers is Miami. MIA Miami Intl Miami, FLORIDA, United States. Grandpa Locka Executive (OPF) Miami, FLORIDA, United States. Miami, FLORIDA, United States. New York City to Miami is one of the most frequently flown routes for private jet charter customers.

Miami, FL Private Jet Charter, Florida

Aeroplanes are always on the move between South Florida and all larger towns, so our private jet charters can offer a wide range of jet choices to and from Miami at short notice. Your private jet can be chartered at any time. Their private charters to Miami are likely to be operated from one of three locally operated destinations, Miami International Airport, Kendall-Tamiamiamiami Airport or Dade-Collier Training and Transition Airport.

GrandpaLocka Executive (OPF, KOPF) - 15 million situated just off Miami city centre, GrandpaLocka Executive is the most important private international executive serving the Miami area. It offers a much more relaxed and smooth ride than Miami Intl and is the first choise for almost every private pilot in the region. The Miami International Airports (MIA, KMIA) - also known as Wilcox Field - is situated 8 nautical miles northeast of the city' s centrally situated shopping area.

An FBO, Signature Flight Support, operates the terminal and provides private air transport and passenger supportervices. Situated 13 nautical miles south-west of downtown Miami, Kendall-Tamiamiamiami International Terminal (TMB, KTMB) acts as an auxiliary hub for Miami International. There are four FBOs offering general air traffic service at this airport:

FalconTrust Air, LACROSS AVIATION, Reliance Aviation et International Flight Center. New York to Miami Private Jet - With several planes flying up and down the eastern shore every hour, New York to Miami charters are always available at great rates. Miami to Bahamas charters - Much of the Caribbean is just a stone's throw from Miami.

You can reach the Bahamas' pristine beach in less than 90mins. Dallas to Chicago Jet Charters - Ready to swap the brine effect for a hot sea breez? What does it take to hire a private jet to Miami? Costs for chartering a private jet can vary greatly depending on flying hours and plane types.

For example, renting a private jet from the Bahamas to Miami costs $2,500 or more in a turbo prop. Below are some guide rates for private jet charters to/from Miami that we would like to provide to our customers: The above rates are indicative only; the rates for a particular journey differ and cannot be guarantee for a particular airline.

We have a large pool of planes in almost every town in the nation with a total capacity of thousand planes in the area. Inventar may vary by the days, but here is a general listing of planes available for Miami private jet charter: Which Miami airports are the most convenient for serving Miami internationally?

You have two major flight choices to Miami, Opa-Locka Airport (OPF) and Miami lnternational (MIA). Whilst both have customs officers and can process overseas air travel, Miami Internationals has a major customs operations and is usually faster than Grandpa Locka Customs, a call out facility that can sometimes take a little longer.

Which plane is the best to go to Miami? Which is the best plane to take to Miami depends more on where you're flying from and how many persons will travel with you on the plane. If you charter a jet from New York City to Miami with 5 persons and lightweight baggage, for example, I would suggest a lightweight jet; if you have 7 or 8 persons on the plane, I would suggest a midsize jet.

I' m going to Miami on my own account and my schedule is crucial, which international airports should I use? Grandpa-Locka is Miami's favourite charters base, but it is about 10 min from town. Though Grandpa -Locka is further away from Miami, it is usually faster to get on and off as there is no trade and associated road transport.

I' m going to be in Miami for a few nights and need a beautiful rental vehicle, can you have a vehicle wait for me or do I have to collect it somewhere else? When you arrive at one of Miami's airports, we can provide you with a rental vehicle at the FBO.

There are many different kinds of automobiles available, as well as sport car, SUV and deluxe limousines, and even a wide selection of cabriolets to choose from to experience the Miami sun. Choosing the right airplane for your Miami cruise? Miami Airport can accommodate all kinds and heights of private jet.

Choosing an airplane should be based on the distances you fly, the number of people travelling, the amount of luggage you bring, your personal budgets and your preferred travel options. In the following chart the mean range (in legal air miles and air hours) for all important airplane models as well as their mean luggage compartment feet are shown:

Notice that the above figures are average figures for a number of aircrafts; certain range and luggage compartments may be outside these estimations in certain cases. If you are looking to book your Miami deluxe accommodation, you should take a look at some of these top hotels: Along the shimmering coastline of Miami there are numerous aquatic attractions.

I' m Tikki Beach Charter Corp. The Miami metropolitan area has one of the greatest man-made coral programmes in the planet, or for over 180,000 hectares of pristine coral plains, you can drive to Greater Miami's Biscayne National Park, the only live tropic coral plains on the mainland. Miami's art and heritage is both rich and varied, so no matter what your taste, you'll surely find something pleasant.

New Miami has got boiling summer, with temperature in the 80' s.

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