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Nowadays, many private jets are equipped with DVD and CD players - and some even offer surround sound. Receive a free, personalized salary estimate based on today's market. Detached: JetSuite, a private jet charter company, is preparing for the...


JetSuite, a private jet-chartering company, creates the overall budgeting by taking into account the revenue and cost estimates of each area leader for the next cycle and enters the information into the budgeting without adjusting it. By the end of the year, business unit heads will receive a premium if their real divisional profits exceed their planned profits.

Which risks are involved in using only those activities of the businesses units to assess the services of heads of business area? You recently heard a JetSuite executive say: "If each department head maximises the division's revenue, we will maximise the company's revenue. Therefore, the segment result is the best key figure." There is a danger in this system that executives will make lower forecasts and become successors.

Normally, a manager wishing to receive an extra reward can predict lower numbers, which makes them overachievers.

The private jet of Elvis Presley was just auctioned for less than its estimated price.

Elvis Presley's private jet just went under the thumb of the deck at an Elvis Presley bidding and was sold for $430,000. Not too many commandments were made for this slice of story, which was well below the $2 million to $3.5 million without a minimum bid for it. On the GWS auctions page we followed the sales in real time, which also contained other Elvis memories as well as articles related to or once belonged to other artists and celebs.

It is a 1962 Lockheed Jetstar with documentary. According to the auctions, this is the "lost" jet of Elvis and his sire Vernon Presley. Most of the outdoor air travel was at a small Roswell, New Mexico airfield, and for 30 years the storm took its toll on the plane.

Vendor says parts of the aircraft interior "were specially engineered to Elvis standards". Photographs contain a photograph of the private bathroom, which has its own padded crimson silk lining, yes, a crown that fits a king. Jetstar is in untouched state, as it has not been changed since its last possession by Elvis.

Winners of this sale will be provided with a sworn and authenticated declaration from the vendor. It has been in private ownership for 35 years and is said to be the only airplane that once belonged to the King and is still in private ownership. On the other two customized aircrafts is a 1958 Convair 880 called Lisa Marie after Elvis' daugther and another Lockheed Jetstar called Hound Dog II.

These airplanes should also be auctioned, but after a wave of protests from the supporters, the guardians of the property have found a way to keep them. Only 204 copies of the Lockheed Jetstar were manufactured between 1957 and 1978; a development that began as a USAF job application.

Once that was over, Lockheed evolved and instead made a small jet out of it. It' s unclear who won the jet at today's auctions - was it a local art gallery or other event that wanted to show it off? Maybe a mad Elvis freak who locks the whole thing up in a private hanger and lives out his rock'n'roll dreams aboard the plane?

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