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In Madagascar, the counterpart to the bush taxis or taxibrousse are the so-called taxis. German simply means "big taxi". The Taxi Be Bar Concert, Diégo-Suarez, Antsiranana, Madagascar:

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In Madagascar, the opposite of the shrub taxi or taxibrousse are the so-called taxi. In this way, everyone can recognise the taxi's target, even without being able to actually see it. Most of the cars used are Mercedes mini-buses that have been brought in from Europe and rebuilt in Madagascar. In Madagascar more than 20 persons per coach are norm.

But there is no really well working schedule - typically Madagascar is also here "mora mora", so "take it easy". Taxi Be usually only runs according to the approximate schedule, and there are several busses on each itinerary. Taxi Be can also take taxi users who are on their way or let humans out in order to make the journey.

Baggage is stored on the rooftop and secured more looser than with the taxibrousse, whereby a crate or a pan gladly comes onto the street on its own. Taxis do not travel at nights, but only between five o'clock in the morning and 20 o'clock in the afternoon at the latest.

Due to the fact that the mini buses are usually in a poor, rusted state, a taxi ride is only conditionally recommendable for travelers. Even though the short routes within the town mean fewer deadly incidents than taxibrousse, pickpocketing and stabbing are the order of the day. 4,000 people are killed in the town. A journey, however, usually cost less than 500 Ariary (15-20 Cent), so the taxi is one of the least expensive means of transportation in Madagascar.

Taxis are currently available from various taxi operators in Antananarivo, Antsirabe, Toamasina (Tamatave), Mahajanga (Majunga), Fianarantsoa and Toliara (Tuéar). There is now even a smart-phone application with the taxi be line for the capitol Antananarivo.

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