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Tickets for international flights

Discover routes for international multi-stop flights with TripPlanner, our tool for finding the easiest way to fly around the world. You wonder on which days you have to fly to save money on airline tickets? Call us now for more information on cheap Berlin airline tickets. I booked a ticket to France for my family a few years ago.

Flights international?

Flights international? Get your special offers now! Offers from Berlin Airlines! More than 7 million visitors come to the town every year, making it one of the world' s premier destinations. Berlins best season to go is from May to September, when the sun is perfect for coffee, parking and relaxing. Presale is the best way to get a budget ticket to Berlin.

Air carriers such as Air Berlin, Scandinavian airlines, United and Lufthansa offer large reductions on air tickets. The most comfortable way from the aerodrome to the town is by S-Bahn, taxi or bus.

Entrance fees

In the following you will find the entrance fees for the SUN 'n FUN International Fly-In & Expo. Entrance fee covers everyday or monthly entry to all show activity, attraction, exhibitor exhibition, forum and workshop throughout the show night and full time. The SUN ' n FUN provides several reductions due to memberships, Florida residence or army services.

You can buy tickets at the main entrance, at camp site registration and at mobile registration, where fly-in planes are received. Tickets can be ordered on-line for your comfort and exchanged for a bracelet on the spot. The members are allowed to take a visitor with them at the price of a day or a week. Members must be willing to provide evidence of valid status (current member ID) when they redeem an on-line pass or purchase tickets at any local area.

Your favourite sitting area is on the airline in front of the SUN'n FUN Announcer's booth. Entrance to seats, bathroom, some shading (not all areas are shaded), pocket camp and free running hot and cold during the show. You can buy your favourite seats every morning on-line. Buying the seat gives you all-day entrance to your favourite area.

Just $20 a day, kids up to 6 are free. When you are planning to enjoy the preferred seating area, you do not need to take your own chair, it will be provided. Purchasing Congress accreditation is necessary in conjunction with purchasing Preferred Seating. Buy your seat now! Nikon's sponsorship of this dedicated bleach department for non-professional photographic benches is available on the airline's website alongside the airline's Preferred Seating service.

You will have free bathroom, shaded tents, pocket camp and free drinking during the airshow. Privileged places for the days and weeks can be bought on-line. Buying the product gives you all-day use. Just $30 per diem, purchasing a conventional license is necessary in excess of purchasing Nikon Preferred Seating. Your Nikon preference seat will be available for free on request. Buy your favorite photo seats now!

27.9 Club access, parking, admission, the all-new Flight Deck Lounge, special occasions, merchandising, concierge service, transport on the exhibition site and much more. It' s "the" place to be at SUN'n FUN - the 9/27 Club, very near and personally in the Showcenter along the Runway 9/27! You' ll have a clear view of unbelievable flight performance right in front of your eyes while at the same time enjoy the comfort of an air-conditioned cottage, terrace seats, dining, drinks and Mediterranean friendliness.

Entrance fee for on-line purchase included. Membership rebates do not cover the purchase of 9/27 club tickets. For more information on 9/27 club memberships, click here! Entrance to the conference is included in the pre-order. Membership rebates do not cover the purchase of 9/27 club tickets. All 9/27 CLUB members come through the Lakeland Airside Center (LINDBERGH LOT ONLY).

The car parks are open every day from 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Please use the GPS address: Lakeland, FL 33811 or signposted to 9/27 Club Check-in and Car Park (9/27 Club Car Park is necessary. Unless you bought a 9/27 Club Parkticket on-line, you can buy it at the check-in area or in the general car-park for $10.

For more information on 9/27 club memberships, click here! Car park charges are valid for automobiles, motorbikes, camper vans, etc............................. There is NO staying overnight/camping allowed on the congress area.

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