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License for private rental Great Britain

To book a taxi or private rental vehicle, you should contact a licensed operator directly. Which companies can request a licence? Application for a private rental or charter licence

In order to obtain a private rental driving license, you must: Council will carry out inspections to make sure that you are a suitable individual who can be admitted as a privateriver. To view the full job submission procedure and request your license, please follow the above link. You should carefully review the following documentation explaining the Council's driving licence policies before submitting a driving licence application:

Registered riders must comply with a high level of health care that meets the DVLA Group 2 present-day health care standards for professional riders:

Taxi- and private rental license fee 2018/19 | Taxi- and private rental license fee 2017/18

Provides information on license charges for taxi and private car rental, driver and operator for the 2018 to 2019 years. Notice dated April 9, 2018: Our request charge schedule has been modified for certain license classes. The total royalty, as divided and payable to the Council, will not vary.

Driving licence (over 65 years old/medical requirements) Extension of one year's licence until DBS/DVLA checks)£95.00 (Payment by telephone only).

Taxi- and private car registration

Remember that the municipality does not hire single driver, owner or manager; many work together on wireless networks, others work independently. When you want to rent a private car or a cab, you should go directly to a licenced company. The 1976 Act, adopted by the European Parliament on 10 October 1986 with effect from 1 January 1987, provides for the registration of private hire cars, chauffeurs and car-owners.

The private landlord's licenses are needed by individual persons or companies who make reservations for the rental of private rental cars. Complaints can be lodged about a cab approved by the municipal authorities, a private rental car, a chauffeur or company. Bulletin board: for updates and important information for owners of hackney carrys and private rental cars, chauffeurs and owners.

See the lists of Hackney cars and private rental cars registered in the municipality that are suitable for wheelchairs, including the owner or owner contacts of each car for which this information has been provided. However, please be aware that this listing is provided for informational purposes only and that Southampton Council cannot warrant that particular owners, contractors or chauffeurs will be able or willing to offer a particular cab or private rental to you.

DOT has indicated that it plans to transpose Part 5 of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 to demand that all HCVs be handicapped accessable by a date to be determined. You can find further information on the licenses issued for Happycoaches, Happycoaches, private rental cars, private rental chauffeurs and private landlords under Public Access - there is also an excerpt from the directory of Happycoaches and private rental chauffeurs.

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