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Air Florida Taxi

Florida airports, United States with air taxi service. An Air Taxi service is offered with a phenomenal small aircraft that has the technology of the most advanced jets. AIR CHART SOUTH FLORIDA, FLIGHTS TO BAHAMAS, AIR TAXI FT.

Floridian company launches air taxi facility

Target, according to DayJet Corp. is to make the comfort of business aviation - once reserved for top leaders and fabulous rich people - accessible to the general audience. DayJet's DayJet helicopter is one of the smallest models of the Eclipse 500, one of the smallest models in the VLJ family.

DayJet's 53-year-old founding and managing director, Ed Iacobucci, a 53-year-old tech businessman, has ordered more than 300 of the aircraft and compared them to the legendary Model T automobile from Henry Ford, the automobile production line forerunner. Hopefully he will be able to start the ministry at the end of August. Not larger than an SUV, with only three passengers seated in the DayJet ordered configurations, the ultrasilent aircraft has a top velocity of 685 km/h (425 mph).

However, at around 1,240 mph, it seems tailor-made for DayJet's proposed short-haul flight between small and medium-sized localities. DayJet will currently only be flying between Boca Raton, the location of the new head office in southeastern Florida, and Lakeland, Gainesville, Tallahassee and Pensacola in the United States.

However, within 12 month of launching, DayJet will provide services between 20 local aerodromes in four states throughout the Southeast United States. According to Iacobucci, DayJet's "per se, on demand" services are unique in the US arena. This means that DayJet clients who charge an $250 per year dues only pays for the reserved space, not for the use of the entire airplane as with a charterservice.

There are no set timetables, so travellers must choose a date to reach their destinations and say how early they can be there. By being as agile as possible in your departures, you can reduce the likely reward you will be paying compared to full local fares of equal value. Every new DayJet reservation without a schedule holds a lot of short-term operative plans.

From Monday to Friday, it will begin operations with a squadron of only 10 aircrafts, as the aircrafts, with a considerable proportion of early disruptions, slowly roll off the brand new Eclipse production line. Iacobucci, co-founder and former director of Citrix Systems, said the organization has been writing huge volumes of sophisticated softwares to overcome logistics headaches, while at the same doing research on macro economics and a scientific discipline named real-time optimisation.

Some sceptics are questioning DayJet's commercial models and price policies, which could result in clients having to pay up to $4 for every kilometer they travel. Iacobucci said that he sees DayJet making a gain within nine to twelve month of introduction and that there is a good chance he will take the firm to the stock market.

"It'?s like a trip in the quantum," said Iacobucci. "It' s great conceptionally, it's a great idea," said Stuart Klaskin of KKC Aviation Consulting in Miami, who is one of DayJet's more optimistic analysts. "There is a burgeoning demand for this kind of services, this cheaper, privately owned point-to-point air traffic.

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