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Luxuriously fly to and from the Philippines with the largest selection of charter jets and competitive prices. The Lionair Group is the leading charter company for helicopters and executive jets in the Philippines. The Philippines has more than one hundred community airports.

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Customers enjoy first class services, untiring commitment to security, a large choice of planes and years of private jet charter work. Manila, the Philippine capitol, is located on the east bank of Manila Bay and is the headquarters of the Philippines' policy. Some of the most famous landmarks are the National Museum of the Philippines, the enclosed town of Intramuros, Manila Ocean Park, Ermita, Binondo, Rizal Park and Malate.

One of Asia's best retail locations, Manila is known for its huge retail centers, marketplaces and boutiques. Robinson's Place Manila is the biggest commercial centre. The Manila main land is serviced by Ninoy Aquino International and Clark International airports. Ninoy Aquino International Airports is the most congested and most important gateway in the Philippines.

Hubschrauber for sell Private jet for sell

Our management team's extensive expertise has proved its worth over the past 15 years and advises and supports airplane operators, dealers and interested customers in the procurement of various airplane models. Over 60 successful deals for the purchase and sale of swivel and rigid blades were completed; both Brand New and Pre-Owned.

Through our Fleet Mangement Solutions, we support purchasers in research, engineering, fleet selection, fleet consulting and fleet stewardship, guiding them through the import process to lower their cost and achieve tax cuts. Furthermore, we take care of the complete process of certification, registering, shipping, importing and all logistical issues for our customers.

A young CEO heads private aircraft, choppers and helidecks.

In March 2005, a Chinese descendant of a Kampuchean (Teochew), who had grown up in France, bought an Airbus model in the Philippines as a traineeship at the age of 23. Mr Thierry Tea divested 16 more Airbuses, became Chairman and CEO of Airbus helicopter Philippines (formerly Eurocopter) in 2007, became Group Leader of Airbus Philippines in 2009 and overseen the sales of 80 over $8 billion dollars sterling business jets and 50 over $300 million dollars sterling business choppers to Asia customers.

Among these airplanes were several Airbus A320s for sale to Philippine Airlines. Founding a Singapore based holdership, one of its entities was flying high in the Philippines - PhilJets Aero Services Inc., which became a commercial airline in 2013. "Fundamentally, I wanted to become an businessman at a young age because my grand parents were businessmen in Cambodia," says Teah, now a 36-year-old father of two, in an interviewee in Makati City.

"I really wanted to do deals when I was young to get the proud back from the family," says teacher. Mr. Teak lent funds to finance his studies at Negocia Busineseschool, where he participated in exchanges in Philadelphia and Singapore. In the end, he worked for Airbus, initially as a trainee in the Philippines.

"As I got my shot at Airbus, I wanted to move up the ladder and become manager of the affiliate or division," he says. "I' ve been in the Philippines this year for 14 years. Arriving in 2004, I first worked as an intern for Airbus Helicopters for a year. Tea founded Starline Global Industries Pte Ltd. in Singapore in 2012 after eight years with the Airbus Group.

Entities include PhilipJets, which celebrates its fifth jubilee in January, Agama Investments and Negocia Ventures in Cambodia, which manufactures custard oil and sells cashews from Cambodia. "Essentially, I chose to quit the Group[Airbus] and start my own work. So then I decide to set up PhillipJets in January 2013.

Teas set up PhilhJets as a retail airline with the goal of improving the reputation of the Philippines aerospace and tourist industry. PhilosJets runs and administers a flotilla of choppers and commercial aircraft for property owner. During the Singapore Airshow 2018 in February 2018, Team, co-founder and CEO of PhilipJets, ordered a brand-new 110 mm long hot air aircraft after delivering his first H145 and 7th 110 mm long in January.

FilJets marks its entrance into the twin-engine chopper markets with these enhancements. The company will then expand its portfolio to 11 choppers and three corporate jet planes with a combined value of over $90 million and intends to purchase two or three more planes within the year. PhilipJets takes its travellers - mostly businesses, investment, foreign tourism and even VIPs - to favorite places like Tagaytay, Mount Pinatubo, Corregidor, Punta Fuego, Isabela, Balesin, Palawan and Boracay.

Travelers can take the Davao Jet to Davao City. Tee says that the firm also offers municipal transfers from a downtown shopping area such as Bonifacio Global City to another part of Metro Manila to prevent traffic jams. "Like NetJets, we wanted to set up PhilJets in the U.S. that had timeshare or partial property.

It then became clear to us that it was very hard for them to buy stock in the business to buy planes, because all the big business men in the Philippines have different personalities," he says. Teas says PhilJets is both airline and asset management provider. Finally we succeeded in getting our first plane in 2014.

And then we got our second plane, then our licence, then we got another licence. "Finally, we have chosen the aviation asset class as our main focus. Since we administer for property owner, we help them to purchase the property at a good price. As we have a powerful airframe manufacturer base, we are able to make them very good offers.

"We' re leasing some planes, we' re managing some planes. For the most part, we achieved 13 planes. We' ve got 10 choppers and three commercial planes. We' re going to add three to five more planes this year, according to how quickly we get the deliveries," he says. "We' ve got some Bell choppers from the United States.

There are some Airbus choppers and we also have a number of Bombardier commercial airliners from Canada. We' ve got two US Cossacks. "We' re seeing our businesses grow. Actually, five years ago, there were no PhilJets. In this year we will achieve 100 million dollars with the extra aircraft," he says. PhilJets says it will help raise awareness of the Philippines among overseas visitors and investment professionals.

"So, when people come to the Philippines, when they have good operator, they can move. It' because it' easily moved, they take the jet, they take the chopper to do businesses for a single trading session or a couple of trading sessions, then they go back," he says. Our approach enables some managers to do their own businesses, i.e. to do their own businesses.

We' re the connection side of their game. That'?s essentially our quest. "Many high-end travelers come to us. It is our belief that if you take 10 wealthy foreigners with you, they will be investing in the Philippines as they are in Cambodia. In addition to air borne investment and tourist PhilJets also conducted emergency and disaster response operations, Tea said.

Essentially, we were helping to ship the goods to the provinces," he says. It'?s life-changing, essentially a carrier for her. Says Mr. Tee that PhilJets is committed to improving the Filipino aerospace industry's regional and international reputation. Over the past five years, we believe we have succeeded in putting the Philippines on the map of corporate aeronautics.

PhilJets is known to more Americans and Asians, so they know the Philippines," he says. "But the other way we want to go is to present Filipino travel resorts like Boracay and Palawan as well as other places to paying tourist all over the world. Previously, they were somehow afraid to go to the Philippines.

There are some folks who have purchased Philippine Isles and designed them, and they bring their buddies to the Philippines. In principle, we want to be able to fly 30 planes, 20 of them by helicopter and 10 by commercial jet. When we do, we will be the biggest provider of commercial air travel in the Philippines.

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