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Privatjet-Charter | Flight rental | London City The London City is the nearest London downtown aerodrome. If you fly into London City on a clear morning, you'll probably be enjoying the view along the Thames, the London Eye, the House of Parliament and Big Ben, before you fly over Canary Wharf and Greenwich. Drivers must be specially instructed for landing at London City because approaching the aircraft at a 5.8° angle is not the same as approaching the normal 3° runway.

In 1981, an aerodrome in London's Docklands district was first suggested. In 1986 Prince Charles layed the cornerstone for the London International Airports and in 1987 the first London Jet took off. Today London' Citys International has become a favourite destination for private jet charters looking for the quickest routes inside and outside the town.

The London City Airport is known for its picturesque landings overlooking many of London's city' renowned attractions. "It'?s the city! Houses Of Parliament, Shard, Walkie Talkie, OK 2 all appear as gems on the trajectory. "Getting in over London's headlights, following the Thames until you land on a small stretch near Canary Wharf and 02 is bright.

It' s a great little airfield, so simple to use and in a great location." "It' s the best way to get to know the rest of the country, you are flying all over the town, you are landing in the midst of the sea and the international airports offer great services. the best ever airport!" The London City Airport is 6 mile away from the London Centre and only 3 mile away from Canary Wharf.

London City Airport's sliding attitude, limited traffic levels and length of taxiway prevent some large planes from using the area. Please call us at +44 (0) 20 7100 6960 for comprehensive private jet consulting services to London City. Please consult the London City Airports website for more information.

You can find private fares for private jet charters to or from London City Airport with our private jet fare calculator. and more. Please do not hesitate to call us at +44 20 7100 6960 (24 hours) or send us an individual offer or further information.

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