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The Citation I began with the small model of the Citation I on 15 September 1969 and was manufactured until 1985. It then evolved into the models 1978-2006 Citation II/Bravo, 1989-2011 Citation V/Ultra/Encore and since 1993 CitationJet. Booth Citation III/VI/VII was supplied from 1983 to 2000, its hull was re-used in Citation X/X+ from 1996 to 2018, Excel since 1998 and Sovereign since 2004.

Mustang was a very light jet that was supplied from 2006 to 2017, while Latitude, the shallow bottom hull, was supplied from 2015 and the greater longitude from 2018. Citation I ( 500 ) was heralded in October 1968, its Fanjet 500 prototypes first flown on September 15, 1969 and were certificated as Citation on September 9, 1971.

In 1976 it was equipped as Citation I and a unique model for pilots, ending in 1985 after 689 series. Driven by turbo fans type 15D JT, the plane was designed for the Citation II/Bravo. Citation II, a dilated Citation I, was heralded in September 1976, first flown on 31 January 1977 and certificated in March 1978.

II/SP is a one-pilot model, the enhanced S/II was first flown on 14 February 1984 and the Citation Bravo was equipped with new PW530A and P&WC PW530A turboprop fans on 25 April 1995, while it was used in the USA as the T-47. Citation III (Model 650), the 2,350 nm (4,350 km) cruising distance, was heralded on the October 1976 NBAA Conventions, made its debut on 30 May 1979, obtained its EC Type Certificate on 30 April 1982 and was shipped between 1983 and 1992.

Citation VI was manufactured from 1991 to 1995 and Citation VII was manufactured between 1992 and 2000. 360 of all versions were made. His hull section and dashboard were retained in the later Citation X, Citation Excel and Citation Sovereign. Equipped with the Citation II, the Citation V model 560 was flown in August 1987, was certificated on December 9, 1988 and shipped from April 1987, 774 were shipped until 2011.

Citation Ultra was introduced in September 1993, Citation Encore was introduced in 1998 with PW535 turbo fans, before Encore+. After the Cessna CitationJet was taken off in October 1989, its first commercial jet took off on 29 April 1991, FAA approval was granted on 16 October 1992, the first shipment took place on 30 March 1993, and 2,000 of all versions were shipped by June 2017.

Driven by two 1,900 litre (8,5 kN) Williams FJ44 Williams fuselages, it uses the front of the Citation II with a new passage area, flat wings and T-tail. Base modelling has been upgraded to CJ1/CJ1/M2, extended to CJ2/CJ2+ (525C) supplied since 2000, then to CJ3/CJ3+ (525B) supplied since December 2004 and to CJ4 ( 525C) supplied since 2010.

Citation X [a] (Model 750) was heralded by the NBAA October 1990 conventions, made its debut on 21 December 1993, obtained design approval on 3 June 1996 and was first shipped in July 1996. Citation X+ was available from 2012 with a 360 mm (14 inch) cab extension and upgradees.

Maintaining the section of the Citation III body, it has a new 37° arrowed blade with an area of 49 m for a Mach 0 rapid 0. 935 MPo and a 36,600 lb (16. 6 t) MTOW, a T-tail and two 7,034 llbf (31. 29 kN) AU3007 turbo fans for 3,460 nm (6,408 km) reach, while maintaining the section of the Citation III body.

Citation Excel (Model 560XL), the 2,100 nm (3,900 km) was launched in October 1994, first flown on 29 February 1996, certified in April 1998 and more than 900 shipped. Driven by two 3,650-4,080-lb ( 16.2-18. 1 kN ) twin-WP500 turbo fans, the 9,200 kg (20,200 lb) MTOW jet has the cross-shaped rear of the Citation V (560) and the non-woven 34 m (370 m² ft) ultracritical wings, and the standing cab of the CitationX is slightly abridged.

Citation Sovereign (Model 680), the 3,200 nm (5,900 km) cruising distance, was heralded at the 1998 NBAA Conference, made its debut in February 2002, was certified on June 2, 2004, and delivery began at the end of September. At the NBAA in October 2012, the enhanced Sovereign+ was heralded for a debut in April 2012 and delivery in December, with a winglet, enhanced engine and flying decks.

Citation Excel hull was tensioned and connected to a large, neat blade 16. Model 510 of the Cessna Citation Mustang is a very lightweight jet that was flown for the first time on April 23, 2005 and was taken off at the NBAA conference in 2002. Its FAA approval was obtained on September 8, 2006, first delivery took place on November 22, and after 479 planes were constructed, manufacturing ended in 2017.

Citation Columbus (Model 850) was a 4000 nm ranked commercial jet development that was started in February 2008 and abandoned in July 2009, leading the Citation series. Citation Latitude (Model 680A), the 2,700 nm (5,000 km) cruising distance, was heralded at the 2011 NBAA Conference, the initial flight of the aircraft took place on February 18, 2014, the FAA was certified on June 5, 2015, and the first shipments began on August 27.

The 680 model retains Soviet wings, the two P&WC PW306D turbo blowers and the cross-shaped stern, but its neat, upright, round hull has a shallow bottom. The new hull will be held in the later Cessna Citation Longitude. Citation Longitude (Model 700), the 3,500 nm (6,500 km) cruising distance, was heralded at EBACE in May 2012, it made its maiden voyage on 8 October 2016, is scheduled for completion in the third trimester of 2018 and will be delivered later that year.

Driven by Honeywell HTF7000 turbo fans, the aluminium aircraft cell has the Citation Latitude body section, elongated by a seating array, with a new ~28 degree swept blade and T-tail.

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