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This is made possible by connecting our community with unused jets and unused seats on planes around the world. Charter JetSmarter Privatjet The JetSmarter puts aviation privately in the hands. Make the jump to personal aviation. Members can find and reserve personal travels in apps in the USA, Europe and the Middle East - without the need for costly agents, telephone conversations or complex red tape. This is made possible by linking our members to vacant aircraft and vacant seating in aircraft around the globe.

No matter whether you want to charter your own jet for your own or your own company, we offer luxurious flight tickets at a fare that is a bit lower than a conventional charter. - Browse and reserve empty places on national and trans-national shuttles in the USA, Europe and the Middle East.

  • Create and charter individual charter planes for you and your tour guides, anywhere in the world. - Enjoy spontaneous excursions and get on free air trips with your loved ones. Go alone or take your boyfriends with you. - SHUTTER - Join other members on planned shuttles and reserve places up to two month in advanced.

In addition, we are constantly add new routings to favorite locations around the world. - JETDEALS - The best surprise for your jet flight. Take pleasure in making unforgettable trips around the planet and reserve free places for your loved ones. - 24 / 7 CONNCIERGE - 24 / 7 conncierge - Use our service to make your reservation in the best hotel, restaurant and leisure facilities.

Air charter Privat jet charter's portable app allows you to easily find and reserve your own jet aircraft in your own home, in the comfort of your own home, in full real-time, and get full tail and operating information for just $4.'s Authorized App allows you to browse tens of thousands of empty stages brought up to date in real-time.

With's 12,600 plus certified global airline lists, you can make a reservation on any privately owned plane from piston to wide-body. has no limitation, unlike other applications that restrict you to a maximum of 19 people. You can use our Air Charter Guide inside the app to see outside, inside, cockpit, ground plan and cabin heights on all model aircrafts.

Join our fellowship of clients who have spared tens of millions of dollars by using's reservation booking engine, which allows you to reserve any plane directly from the iPhone so you can safe tens of millions on your flight charter.'s iPhone App will connect you to a personal jet at the touch of a simple switch.

The pricing will be immediately available. Are you sick of other jet charter firms offering long reaction times? can have your plane on the runway in less than 30 mins. Receive the latest updates and check out all the articles in our blogs. In addition to accessing much more information available on the website directly on your iPhone or iPod touch.

Beginning with 24/7/365 in-app concierge and client service through our own accredited charter professionals with over 30 years of charter expertise.

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