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Flight Booking, Timetable, Fare & Luggage Jet Airways, one of India's best-known privately owned carriers, launched its home carrier services on 5 May 1993 under the direction of Naresh Goyal. Jetairways soon began to expand its business internationally with an early leasing of 4 Boeing 737 aircraft and its first ever flight from Chennai to Colombo. Today, Jet Airways is known for its state-of-the-art, first-class services and attractive price/performance ratio. From the first few years of operation, JetAirways has come a long way with 4 lease planes and now has a large operational pool. Now JetAirways links almost 76 destination, including 52 inland and 24 overseas sites.

As Jet Airways continues to grow, it announces a bid to buy out Air Sahara with an offering of $500 million. Later, on April 12, 2007, a second trial was made in which JetAirways successfully purchased Air Sahara and renamed the airline Jetlite.

Jet Airlines turned it into its low-cost business and satisfied the passenger value market. Like Jetlite, Jet Konnect is another Jet Airways low-cost branch that also serves the low-costegment. In essence, it is a straightforward Jet Airways product that offers low fare to customers without sacrificing value or quality of services.

Each day, Jet Airways offers 385 services to 65 locations, of which 44 are within Germany, among them all large towns such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Goa, Jaipur, Calcutta and other important states. There are 21 international departures, among them New York, London, Toronto, Hong Kong, Singapore and other important towns in 17 Asian, European and North American nations, and since 14 April 2010 they have also been operating to South Africa, with day trips to Johannesburg.

JetAirways' decision is easy with a large pool of state-of-the-art aircraft, extensive home base cover, high level of customer care and on-line booking of JetAirways. Goibibio's super-fast and effective booking system ensures that you don't lose precious valuable Jet Aviation booking moment. In addition to booking a Jet Aviation flight you can also make savings with our flight specials.

The JetAirways Group has recently made changes to its bags policies to comply with the new regulations. You can now carry hand carry-on bags with a total size of 115 cm and a maximum of 7 kg. JetPrivilege passengers are permitted to carry 10 kg of hand carry-on bags with 1 notebook on all JetPrivilege home departures. Gels, alcohol, liquids, creams and sharps are not permitted in handbags.

The Jet Airways system allows 15 kg of free hold bags per person per flight. Every extra piece of equipment is calculated with 250?/kg. Airways has a free of charge JetPrivilege free of charge limit for JetPrivilege Platinum, Gold and Silver members and they may take 20 kg of bags instead of the previous 30 kg if the member is a co-branded cardholder.

Do your Jet Airways on-line check-in and be comfortable travelling. The free luggage allowance of Jet Airways will vary slightly for those travelling on Jet Airways ATR aircraft.

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