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When you see some people flying over New Your City lately, don't worry, you're not crazy! This video shows three remote-controlled, human-like planes flying over New York City. Nevertheless, I have a passion for airplanes and flights and fly again and again to open air travel for people with disabilities. Milions of passengers around the world have enjoyed and continue to enjoy safe flying through their work.

Humans flying over New York City.

When you see some people flying over New Your Town lately, don't be worried, you're not mad! In order to market their new film Chronicle, 20 Century Fox commissioned the virtual advertising company Thinkmodo, which flown three human-shaped R/C airplanes around Manhattan and created the delusion of passengers. 21st Century Fox, Flugzeug, Chronik, Flying People, Guerilla-Marketing, Illustration, New Yorkshire Cities, New Yorkshire Cities, NYC, RC-Flugzeuge, Thinkmodo, virales, viralesarketing, virales,

Humans are borne on self-flying drone aircraft.

Flying with a taxi over our towns in the sky may be a more realistic vision than you think. Ehang, a China-based airline, gave a look into the future this weekend and released its first ever videotape of a passenger climb aboard its stand-alone drone flying off at the touch of a remote control.

As Ehang says, he already succeeded in carrying travellers in his drone in 2015 and has made at least 40 trips since then. Â His videotape shows that the China start-up is ahead of US and European businesses in developing a new breed of airplanes that could potentially bring people across the city, from one roof to another.

Smaller, electrically driven airplanes change the form of flying. They are huge, philanthropic renditions of the small remote-controlled UAVs that are very much loved by users around the globe. At the CES technology meeting in Las Vegas in 2016, Ehang caused a sensation with a demonstration of his 184th UAV at the CES.

That'?s supported by his tape. Tens of travellers, among them business leaders and locals working for the governments, are shown in a 184. Tapping a UAV knob will launch a launch via a box in China's east Jiangsu or a deserted space-themed theme amusement arcade in the south Guangzhou town.

Captured showing the UAV mastering demanding environments. The 184 is the world's first UAV that can reach more than 80 mph, according to Ehang. The new flight technologies require a lot of experimentation and mistake, and Ehang CEO Hu Huazhi says in the tape that it took him "a while" to familiarize himself with actually getting the occupants into the UAV.

The Boeing (BA) and Airbus (EADSF) are in competition with smaller start-ups in the USA, Germany and China to launch a new era of electrical airplanes. The Silicon Valley Division of Airbus Vahana, its aerial taxis model, sent its first over Oregon last weekend. Only a few month after its competitor Boeing, the autonomous airplane manufacturer Aurora Geflight Sciences, the plane arrived.

Bloomberg News recently presented its pilot flying system to a Bloomberg News reporter couple in a 15-minute pilot session. Conventional aeroplanes have rigorously entrenched and internationally recognised codes, ranging from small aeroplanes to giant jet liners. However, there are few domestic or foreign regulations for the electrical trade that Ehang, Joby and others are devising.

Also, the safe operation in dense metropolitan areas - the avoidance of other small aeroplanes or obstructions on the floor - still needs to be fully explored. Mr Ehang is working with the Dubai government where a self-flying cab flier was eagerly launched last year. However, this programme has not yet started and, in the meantime, the China -based firm is seeking new business associates.

Mr Xiong said that the vice president had asked the firm to test drive the UAV. Hang says it can announce the award and other information active the device this season. In addition, the Group already has another drug in the pipelines. Pictures of an even larger UAV that can carry two people at the same moment were taken in his film.

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