Falcon Jet

The Falcon Jet

Dassault Falcon is a family of business jets manufactured by Dassault Aviation. Locate the best Dassault Falcon jets for sale worldwide. The Falcon 8X - an ultra-long cruising distance commercial jet

Greater reach, more cab, legendary efficiencies. This means constant innovations for us, which enable us to supply ever better, ever more efficient falcons. Latest addition is the Falcon 8X. New falcon that can keep you flying with more convenience and even more effectiveness. With the longest of the Falcon series, its cab offers more comfortable living and a breathtaking selection of more than 30 different floor plans.

Thanks to extensive improvements in styling, the model is just as economical as the Falcon 7X. Falcon Extreme is a Falcon Extreme that carries on Falcon's tradition of efficiencies, power, flexibility and convenience while reducing overall lifecycle cost by tens of thousands compared to any competitor. Dassault covered all important architectures and frameworks during the development of the Falcon Extreme and adapted and optimized them to an optimized aircraft cabin.

A new winglet reduces air resistance and increases energy consumption. The new Falcon 8X is built with every centimetre, every centimetre, in mind to improve your travelling experiences. Ranging from a longer reach to a longer, more luxurious cab, we gauge our performance by what we add to your comfort. Falcon's outstanding non-stop reach and unparalleled landing capability at small aerodromes bring you nearer to your goal.

The Falcon 8X's outstanding aerodrome capabilities also add to this, offering even more range than other planes in its category. The Falcon 8X has no problems with sharp start-up angle and sharp inclines. Falcon 8X can take off with 85% of its max take-off mass. The Falcon 8X will fly you wherever you go thanks to its three thrusters that reduce overseas distances.

The Falcon 8X's immediate operational cost is up to 35% lower than competitive jet aircraft. Equipped with a new version of the latest version of the Delta's proprietary flying decks model AASy, the dashboard offers an option of a wide-screen head-up display with advanced and synthesized view for significantly increased situation recognition in poor weather and poor visualization. He has a new version of the ÉASy flying decks.

Leveraging the advantages of more movable steering panels, the Aerofoil features three state-of-the-art blades, three spoilers and two spoilers. Together they ensure more monitoring and greater effectiveness. Based on the Rafale jet and the Falcon 7X Falcon expertise, Diesault's next evolution of intelligent routing technologies provides seamless and accurate routing and handling security.

Eight X cab is more than three ft longer. This is the most versatile cab in the business with over 30 possible layout options. Connecting in all stages of the journey increases the passengers' enjoyment and commitment. The latest cabimanagement system is loaded with new technologies that turn the entire cab into a Wi-Fi world.

Falcon's eight X tripjet design provides additional security and operating versatility - opening doors to more airfields and enhancing high and low temperature performances. A new winglet increases efficiencies by reducing air resistance and reducing intrinsic vehicle consumption. The all-new Falcon Dashboard features a new EASY flight deck design and an option wide-screen front panel that integrates advanced and synthesized view for significantly increased situation recognition in poor weather and low light situations.

Plus, the unique features of the model's wings include three front trim strips, three brake doors and two doors. Dassault's latest technology provides seamless and accurate routing and zone security with the latest technology in Dassault advanced capture technology. That'?s our longest one. Featuring over 30 possible floor plans, this is the most versatile cab in the business and the one most likely to provide an interiors design to meet your demanding needs.

Low cab height and low noises. In this Wi-Fi enviroment, which features our latest FalconCabin HD+ booth manager, our connection is full. FalconCabin HD+ cab sound system allows you to take full command of your surroundings from anywhere in the cab with your Apple® equipment. They can follow the course of the mission.

Whilst today's commercial aircraft and even some corporate aircraft have cabins from 6,000 to 8,000 ft, the Falcon 8X keeps you comfortably at 3,900 ft while you cruise at 41,000 ft. Additional three legs can take up much more habitat. Choose a very luxurious three-month stateroom with showers in the stern and resting places for the crews in the bow.

More than 30 different cab layout options are available.

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