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With extensive experience in working with companies in various industries, ACS is able to offer special charter solutions worldwide. At ACS, we have extensive experience working with organizations across a range of industries to provide specialized charter solutions in the U.S. and around the world. Specialists in Air Charter for Africa.

When your itinerary is difficult to reach with commercial aircraft, let PJS offer a tailor-made air charter solution to suit your schedule. We operate a fleet of aircraft.

At many of our facilities, ACS works with our affiliates Balmoral Central Contracts SA (Pty) Ltd and Gryphen Aerospace (Pty) Ltd.

At many of our facilities, ACS works with our affiliates Balmoral Central Contracts SA (Pty) Ltd and Gryphen Aerospace (Pty) Ltd. Founded in 1992, Balmoral is a Part 135, Part 121 and Part 127 AOC licenced air carrier certified Part 138 by the Civil Aviation Authority of Southern Africa.

Balmoral's Gryphen is a fully owned Balmoral affiliate and provides Balmoral's operating services under the terms of the AMO permit (Aircraft Maintainance Organization) granted by the CAA of Southern Africa. The ACS is held by Kirk Mueller, President of the Company. Mr. Reid is Chairman of ACS and proprietor and Managing Director of Balmoral.

Because of the strong relationships between the businesses, we have become generally known as ACS/Balmoral. Our speciality is to provide tailor-made helicopter and fixed wing aircraft solutions for passengers and cargo, mostly in the remotest and often war-ravaged parts of the globe. We' re a somewhat uncommon enterprise, because we' re a bit "old-fashioned" and our way of doing things is different from most others.

As with all "for profit" businesses, we are in the business of making good bucks, but we believe that doing things (and living them your whole life) is about human beings, and we firmly believe in sincerity, honor and Integrity. Aeronautics is a challenging profession, and the environments in the places we fly naturally tend to make them even more so.

Not just for the way our businesses are managed, but also (and perhaps even more) for the local people who are proud of what they do and the business they work for. With a passion for aerospace, our executive board has more than 100 years of combined aerospace expertise.

When you need a tailor-made aircraft service in any part of the globe, we can either deliver it to you or we can help you find the right solutions.

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