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Sell Birdly VR Flight Simulator at factory price / Virtual Reality Simulator flying machine manufacturer in China! Another ten great VR flying adventures Everlasting, intoxicating, instructive and even emotionally charged - VR is the holy grail of computer simulators that convey the feeling of flying like never before. The TIM ROBINSON report on the latest development in the field of passenger flightsimulation. I' m reaching for the chair to keep looking behind my plane. "Just say'G' and the scent of Jet A1 and my mind would almost not be able to tell this top gun imagination from the actual flying.

Today this is VR and simulated flights. In the 2000s, computer simulators began to use "virtual cockpits", which allow the user to swivel around with keys or a joy stick top cover button so that virtually pilot can see the inside of the cabin or the deck.

The TrackIR - a IR sensor-based heading updating system - came in and was adopted by simulators so that they could use their heads to navigate the cameras in the "virtual cockpit". No wonder, then, that the creation of VR has raised a lot of expectations in the simulator world.

But with the advent of low-cost, high-resolution smart phone screens and detectors as well as more efficient personal computers and graphic boards, VR is now convenient for consumers. Those who keep an eyeball on technical innovations will have noticed that this year the consumer's VR has reached the market with new headset models like the Oculus Rift, the HTC Vive and now the Playstation VR.

Instead, you renders two slightly different pictures of the scenery for each of your eyes and tricks your mind into seeing real life scenes in real life rather than in 2-D. Head trackers then record the set in the "virtual room" and give 1: 1 track. Second, the 110 degree line-of-sight is not as far as a man's eyes - at the present time it's like flying a plane with diving glasses - (although strangely enough for World War I flying glasses could be very realistic).

There is also the issue of identifying small contact points - indispensable for those who fly fight simulations against other people when flying with tags. Without an exterior perspective, a HOTAS (hands on accelerator and joystick) and control surfaces are indispensable for the more lifelike sills, in order to reproduce as many keys and control elements as possible (although it is possible to see the keypad through a minute slit under your nose).

A few simple tools, like DCS and FSX, allow you to call "virtual kneecaps" to view a map, diagram or checklist. FlyInside - a third-party program has taken this further by incorporating LeapMotion - a 50 pound handheld device that keeps track of your hand in real time. Of course, there is no "tactile" response, but with increasing precision others are expecting them to produce other ways of interaction with dashboard sys-tems.

So, if you are a gamers, air cooker, aeronautical fan or commercial flyer, what are the most breathtaking VR sim experience you can have? An early foretaste of VR flying simulations was War Thunder - a free-to-play mulitplayer with over 80 world wars and early flying jets.

Whilst many struggle with arcades problems and exterior views, you are on simulation plane in a virtually cockpit and most flight assistants are remote. The flying through thick aircrafts and tracers, the observation of vapour trails above us and the solidification of terrorism, while your plane is diving to the bottom with torn apart control systems, provides a heart-rending, intensive arousal.

Whilst it may be a "mill" that deserves the avatar money to pilot the plane you are interested in, you can take planes for test missions in solo mode. A quieter VR simulator adventure - how about a FSX land at sundown? While you look around the flying deck, start your way down and see inviting light approaches, the dashboard is dim.

FSX, FSX SE and PT3D provide VR via a third parties program named FlyInside (which now also works in X-Plane). Whilst there will be differences in the qualities of 3D flight plans, the possibility to see and pilot tens of thousand of planes (both free and paid) anywhere in the globe, VR gives the FSX (a simulation published a decade ago ) a whole new dimension of being.

A Harrier still a fistful of VR, but an excellent test for flying virtually. When you thought that Red Bull Air Racing was thrilling on TV - then flying the VR course brings the thrill to a whole new world. The Red Bull official model aircraft leave something to be desired among pureists - but who gives a damn if you fly around goals in this beautiful looking free play just a metre from the floor?

This is the ultimative simulation to simply experience the pleasure of flying. Fascinated by the concept of wing suit flying, but deterred by the thought of broken bone, Volo Airsport allows you to drop an airplane and fear falling down a mountain with a wing suit at extremely high speed.

From the outside or from the first person's point of vie, the designer needs to include a parachute in the aircraft which means that flying will end rather suddenly and make you wink. Beginning with Kennedy's celebrated Moon Talk very gradually, in 1969 you will be led by Neil and Buzz to the launching ramp where you will watch the Saturn V. You will then be placed in the dashboard and enjoy the start, completed with genuine audio footage.

While I thought the technology of VR would be decent, I didn't think it would move me on emotion. Although one could argue that this is technical sci-fi and not flying, it has 3-D navigational dashboards, navigational and administrative tools, land and dock as well as aerial battles with blank ankles. In addition to these simulators, which already support VR head sets, others are on their way.

Oddly enough - the only flying epoch that is not yet supported by PCs VR is World War I - which should be perfectly suited to the historical cockpit, melee and battle. None of Wings Over Flanders Fields or Wise of Fly supports VR at the moment of posting - a way for a third provider to join?

Vocational education and vocational qualification is also of great interest. For example, last weekend the big simulation and education fair I/ITSEC took place in Orlando, and it is remarkable how many VR head sets were on display. While VR for combat education is not new, the low costs and low demands on equipment now open up huge opportunities for the education of troops, seamen or pilot in flies and combat planes or automobiles.

Accessible, always-on VR could be a educational breakthrough for the GA industry - where previously high-end simulation was simply too expensive for non-airline drivers. In fact, VR (coupled with a high fundity flying model) could be a tremendous blessing for personal chopper pilot, allowing college kids to practice auto rotation lands, land in tight space and much more - with the risk of taking the risk of themselves or the chopper.

How do true fliers feel? Although it is not astonishing that many VR chair models are enthusiastic about VR, even professionals who are acquainted with high-end exercise equipment are enthusiastic: The commentaries of a summer flying and chopper airline on Reddit are instructive: "Only 2 sims have rightly made me, a fighting veterinarian, dizzy with excitement: the multi-million dollars dim and my new VR HMD.

The VR was in a way unexpectedly more immersive than the Blackhawk simulation (but only if you have a detailled cockpit). Just like flying in reality, you look around and know that you are in charge of all this. "There was a true WTF instant this afternoon that just shows you how amazing VR really is.

So I flew the Razbam Metro III1 and was under the "hood" of the crack, so to say, while I was just firing a video entrance to Asheville. Thus the combination of mind, eye and hands was totally deceived by the "virtual" world. But it was so much fun because that would be the kind of thing you would do if you had a face right in front of you in true time.

To sum up, the launch of VR consumers is the greatest step forward in home flying since the invention of 3-D graphic design. Moreover, while many of the first VR titles fought to take full advantage of technologies beyond superficial game play demonstrations, for cockpit-based storylines (planes, automobiles, engines, and spacecraft) it's a coincidence in heaven - and that's something many settlers dreamt of a decade ago.

Controlling a glider in DCS, flying your favorite FSX plane or discovering the Elite Dangerous in VR is a long lasting task despite the high overhead. She will also have an impact on affordability of vocational education - she could open the doors for GA and chopper pilot revolutions in air security and save defense spending.

It'?s not just about flying lessons, either. It can also be used to educate mechanical technicians, cooperate with engineering in construction, optimize manufacturing equipment and commercialize airplanes, related service or product to clients. It is not a replacement for a genuine plane or glidingolo, but the possibility of "flying" a Eurofighter Taifun around the Mach loop, landing a plane at Heathrow or docking it to the ISS in VR - all either costly and/or impractical to enable a young man to do so in reality - may be a kind of illumination that stimulates the fantasy that will lead to a careers in aviation and space travel.

Have you ever asked yourself what it really is to "fly a Spitfire" and not have 3 million pounds of cash left to buy the original - VR is the answers. And if you like flying, VR will make you smile with pleasure, twitch with fear and even make you cry with amazement.

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