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I will sing every song I sing for you, I recently bought this song "Leaving On A Jet Plane" from Peter, Paul and Mary and I am very happy with it. I've liked this song for some time now. Text for 'Leaving On A Jetplane' by John Denver: Because I'm flying a jet plane. "'Big Jet Plane'' by Angus and Julia Stone by Down The Way."

Flying the jet - Peter, Paul and Mary Song Info

In 1967, a big smash for Peter, Paul & Mary, "Leaving on a Jet Plane" was composed by a very young John Denver, who was then a member of the Chad Mitchell Trio, before beginning his illustrious solo carrier in the seventies. The song is led by a sweet and sweet soft tune, with a powerful hint of Kingston Trio-inspired folk music.

But, seen from a lyrical point of view, the song really does shine. Mary Travers has given one of her best shows of her singing history and the singing arrangements are absolutely sterile. We have no user feedback for this song.

Engus and Julia Stone - Big jet aircraft

Posted by Angus and Julia Stone, Big Jet Plane is a song that has a true significance for me. Her greatest and most famous song is Big Jet Plane. It is a wonderfully arranged song of Australia's cultural and music scene. This song can be heard on their latest record Down the Way, which I really like.

This song has a gentle and relaxed essential with a consistent baseline and tuneful orchestra guitars that lend spirit to the song. Throughout the song the voice of the duet accompanies the fast sound in a wonderful way. The first part of the song has only one baseline, singing and string; it is only half way when the drum kit adds a slower rhythm to the harmonic piece.

Even though it is a rather melancholic and rather sluggish song, it has a rough sense of hopefulness imbedded in its rhythm and text, which, in my opinion, is rare in soundtrack. This song is about a man who loves a woman. Posted by Angus Stone, he declared that the song was penned after he had encountered a young woman and he wanted to tour the globe with her, but he could not, so he wrote Big Jet Plane.

This song features a young woman who works in a supermarket and has a keen interest in traveling the globe that mirrors the song's significance and texts. It' s a sorry scene, although there is a ferocious, promising and impassioned sense of inquisitiveness behind it, which in my opinion makes the public wonder about the song and the tape and is also fascinated by the beautiful sound and music.

This song meant something to me when I first listened to it when I was new to Australia; I recall falling in lovement when I listened to it for the first of all. It' s a song that for me is a period of passage and changes and also a very lucky period in my live.

The Big Jet Plane is one of the most wonderful songs I've ever heard; it's not just a song, it's an event in itself.

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