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What can I do to spend time on long flights? At present, the Royal Jordanian Flight Pass can only be used to book outward and return flights. oneworld and Star Alliance. The passport holders were offered terms of five years or their lifetime.

Explore efficiently

Explore the intelligent and economic way to go around the world or through different areas. Come and see this stunning Indonesian beach or make new friends in Melbourne, all with one ticket. Soak up the vast variety of the Africa continents, from the roads of Marrakech to the stormy Cape of Good Hope and every great between.

Shibuya Crossing, try Peking ducks in Beijing and dive the dark blues of Thailand with our Go Asia Pass. Get lost in the Louvre, admire the Colosseum and drive through the Amsterdam channels, all with one ticket. Our Go Greater China Travelling Pass allows you to remove the Great Wall of China, Hong Kong and Taipei from your wish lists in one go.

Wander the Red Square, rediscover the rugged beauties of Siberia or plunge into the invaluable legacy of St. Petersburg on an memorable journey through Russia. Hollywood to Harlem, Whistler to Winnipeg, you' ll be exploring North America from shore to shore with less effort and more cost-saving.

Airpass - Jordan Kingly

Regardless of where and how often you go, with the Airpass you can minimise your overall air cost by including your low fares and avoid having to increase fares in the near term. Reserve any flights that are available for sale up to the last available spot, reserving your pre-booking limits, date limits and ticket regulations.

Currently, the Royal Jordian Pass can only be used to book outward and return flights. Royal Jordanian offers you the opportunity to purchase tickets for all your global journeys, both Economy and Crown Series. The Airpass allows you to increase your flying, reduce your costs by up to 50%, reduce your journey scheduling and reservation costs and increase your comfort.

Spend less and get your airline pass now! Advantages of the passport: Savings up to 50% of a low fare per every trip. Sharing your passport with your relatives and acquaintances. For more information on how to buy your airline ticket, click here.

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