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Air miles with Alaska Airlines

When you fly a lot domestically, but not always with the same airline, earning miles to Alaska can be a great way to get upgrades and discounts on a variety of airlines. American Airlines and Alaska Airlines reduce miles in partnerships

American and Alaska Airlines are making major changes to their miles award arrangements and offering mutual benefit to their clients. These changes will follow both the takeover of Virgin America in California by Alaska (the fifth biggest carrier in the U.S.) and the six-month growth of Alaska and Virgin in the U.S. Some clients of SeaTac-based Alaska (NYSE: ALK) were satisfied with the changes on the airline's website, while others voiced their rage and disillusion.

According to Alaska, its mileage plan members, with a few exemptions, will no longer accumulate miles on American Airlines' home departures from the Pacific Northwest. Members of the Alaska Air Mileage Plan will still collect miles on some American Airlines departures, but only on those departures contracted through Alaskaair. com that have a ticket number associated with the carrier ID "AS.

" Airlines call these "codeshare" services. Inland flights: All Alaska Airlines passengers will no longer accumulate miles on American Airlines (Nasdaq: AAL) home travel that is not operated by Alaska Airlines, including all flight numbers beginning with the carrier key "AA". This means you no longer collect Alaska miles for home travel directly with American Airlines.

Alaska Airlines will continue to allow members of American Airlines within the country who market and operate 2018 trips chartered before July 6 to collect and redeem miles on American Airlines miles plan. In order to qualify for these services, clients must apply for Alaska Airlines miles after their trip. Members of Alaska Maintenance Plan will no longer benefit from preferential embarkation, baggage allowance or seats on American Airlines-flyings.

As Alaska noted, its own clients can now be checked in, boarded and packed free of charge on many Virgin America services that operate many of the same routings now used by Americans. Mileage Plan members can continue to earn miles on American Airlines domestic and international travel to over 300 destinations in over 50 nations around the world.

Members of Alaska Lounge will continue to have more than 50 AA Admirals Club Lounge seats when they fly Alaska or U.S. Airlines. In Alaska, Alaska cautioned that some reward steps for redeeming on America Airlines worldwide services will increase, and ancillary costs for Central and South America and Asia will be removed.

Internacional travel: Members of Alaska Meleage Plan will continued to accumulate miles on all American Airlines worldwide services they operate, as well as services from the U.S. to Canada and Mexico, at the same rate they now earn on those services. Members of Plan Ulite continues to accumulate Ultimate Eligibility Miles and Ultimate Bonuses on our worldwide flight schedule.

Alaska Airlines does not have a codeshare number for these internal services - they all begin with the AA and can be purchased through Further information on the changes can be found on the Alaska Air Group information page.

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