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In the combat aircraft of the fucking world, where AI is the flight attendant.

I' m in thepit of a typhoon warplane. A screen is trembling - a very attention-grabbing way to make sure I quickly get important information from MCS. That'?s not a proper dashboard - not yet. It is a Oculus Rift Scene in an Oculus Rift Headset in the new Training and Simulation Integration Facility of BAE Systems.

In Warton, UK, the company is trying to create the 2040s and beyond aircraft, beginning with the dashboard. The pilot's helmet already has a visor that adds extra information to their eyes. This would not only alter the flight deck - it would alter the way you fly.

As Hepburn says to me, this effect is just a result of the overlay of videos from below the plane camera. Seems that in order to make the next big combat aircraft, you begin by finding out what notions you can squeeze from the big big consumer technology businesses. However, the pressing issue that concerns me is how the enterprise can ever consider substituting dashboard control by looking at the countryside.

It' s been a long while since combat fighters have had the flight deck under command. Essential types of artifical intelligences are already the co-pilot in most aircraft. Unusual aircraft like the Eurofighter Typhoon are so agile because they are so constructed that they are constantly on the verge of loosing PT without ever actually doing so.

People give the overall heading, but in a typhoon, for example, four computer calculates the best way to make a move and coordinate with each other before continuing. Since all this happens in an unnoticeable split second, the driver has the feeling that he has fired all the gunshots.

However, if the pilots tried a maneuver that would block the jet, they would find that the computer just wouldn't allow it. The AI will have an even greater impact in the near term, from developing the information to be shown to the pilots to taking full flight controls. Imagine a person checking a flock of 20 UAVs while on a plane flying from the AI.

Finally, the pilots will probably be controlled by a computer, which is very rare at the moment. "Now we want to see exactly how much information the pilots can handle at all times, and then use artifical intelligentsia to control the amount of information they are exposed to," says Bowman. But before I go, I take a typhoon jet for an unbelievably real ride on an air separation route in the countryside of Wales.

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