Jet Ski Taxi

Ski Jet Taxi

Explore all our water activities at Poe Beach: taxi boat, jet ski, flyboard, etc. Max Jet Ski and Taxi Service, Holetown, Barbados: Are there any water sports nearby, especially jet skiing? In addition, are taxis in scale on an evening from and to the city cheap / cost? By taxi to our location:

Jetski taxi for the modern (water) world

Constructed by the designer couple from Italy and the Jet Capsule companies' proprietors, Luca Solla and Pierpaolo Lazzarini, this swimming cabin entitled "Water Taxi 2015" is a classy and contemporary version of the simple aquatic taxi. Measuring 24 ft long and 11 ft broad, it moves 3.5 tonnes when fully loaded with 13 persons; this is a single passenger and up to a dozen occupants.

Currently, the water taxi can be driven either by a 370 hp individual 370 hp twin diesels or a 250 hp twin 250 hp LPG motor, although Solla and Lazzarini are working to adapt hybrids or even all-electric generating units to upcoming generations of iteration, and is driven by a Hamiltonjet water jet that provides a maximum velocity of 32 knots. Fuel is available from the Hamiltonjet water jet.

Plus, its 92-gallon aircraft delivers enough gas to travel up to 195 mph - just a little further than NYC to New Haven and back - and the ship itself is designed to cruise up to 6-foot waves.

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The Jet Capsule was discussed in an essay on jet taxis with a weight of 3.5 tonnes in 2015 and in January this year we also published an essay on jet taxis. Aircraft are manufactured by the Jet Capsule Company of Italy. With Luca Solla at the wheel as Chief Executive Officer, Pierpaolo Lazzarini is the Chief Executive Designer for Jet Capsule, two years after the release of his latest creation, the Super Jet Capsule. says this is a miniscule copy of the Jet Original' captsule. This can be the ultimative houseboat for an informal meeting of your mates. Driven by two diesel-powered motors, each producing 250 hp and capable of travelling at up to 80 km/h, the Super Jet has a high fuel efficiency and a low fuel consumption. It has the look of a jet ski with a slender space-time shell around it.

Aero-dynamic shell made of dried graphite which keeps the total body mass of the vessel below 3,300 pounds. Twenty feet long, the Super Jet Capsule accommodates 7 persons, pilots included, in its air-conditioned room. Super Jet can be pulled with a normal ship trailers.

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