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Air Charter Service ACS India Pvt. Ltd. workplaces Air Charter Service ACS India Pvt. Ltd. The Air Charter Service is one of the leaders in its sector with an average turnover of 500 million US dollars per year.

Headquartered in London, the London office is the core of a truly multinational enterprise with operations in North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Russia & CIS, India and the Far East.

We have a privately held jet department that brokers commercial jet charter for a broad range of clients, encompassing, but not restricted to, high net worth individuals such as HNWI, VIPs, the amusement industries, executive managers, corporate venturers and the sporting goods industries.

Some of the most extraordinary things carried by a personal plane.

If you charter your own personal aircraft, you can have just about any requirements you like, what is serviced, what kind of tunes you would like to play, what kind of conveniences you would like to have on board and even the colour of the seats - provided you like to buy the extra, and that it is legit.

ACS is often used to support the provision of rapid response foods. In this case, however, it was a restaurateur group chartering a Boeing 747 to charter 90 tons of ketchup tomatoes through the U.S. before thousands of stores ran out. Another opportunity was when someone asked a Boeing 737-300F to carry 14 tons of hamburgers from Belgium to Sweden for the introduction of a new hamburger - along with plenty of dried rice - to make sure the flesh didn't thaw during it.

ACS also sent a Boeing 727 to transport over 17 tons of hams to Puerto Rico after an administration mistake caused the whole islands to almost lose the beloved game. ACS once used an Antonov An-12 made in Russia to arrange an airplane that would transport 13 tons of sands from Rome to Cairo (a hopelessly deserted city).

Delivery went to a glass firm that needed a specific kind of grit that was not available in Egypt. ACS once arranges the transportation of the world's toughest female, Eman Ahmed, from her homeland of Egypt to Mumbai for life-saving operations following an on-line fund-raising campagne. The 36-year-old Elephantiasis patient, who weighted around 500 kg, needed a freight mission to travel in a converted Egyptian Airbus 300-600.

As a large designer brand had to send over 400 clothes, 72 pair of footwear and 40 pair of pants from Milan to the Paris fashion week in the France capitol, the ACS worked through the nights to charter a mix of freighter and airliner to carry the sensitive, high quality clothing securely.

Recently she charters a seven lion charter from South Africa to Rwanda to re-introduce the big cat after the 1994 conflict. In Morocco, when a Moroccan local bank wanted to lend invaluable works of Pablo Picasso's work from a Parisian galleria, they soon realized that a commercial airliner could not bear the abnormal three-tonne weight of 11 strengthened up to 2.38-metre-high crates.

What would this type of charter be like? Commenting on the decision, Dan Morgan-Evans, Group Cargo Director at ACS, said: "Our daily charter customers come from many sectors participating in just-in-time production, such as automotives, technologies and aviation and aerospace sectors - we organise more than 4,000 freight services every year, so there is a large number of enquiries.

However, some charter (e.g. on a 747 half way around the world) can be more than half a million pounds."

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