Airline Tickets to Sri Lanka

Air tickets to Sri Lanka

What is the best time to fly to Sri Lanka? Have a cup of tea, take part in an incredible Sri Lankan cuisine and enjoy a cricket game (you will immediately join the locals if you do). Journey to Colombo with our latest flight offers. For more information about the options Colombo has to offer, click here with our travel guide. You are looking for flights to Sri Lanka?

Booking a flight to Colombo, Sri Lanka (CMB)

Columbo does not wait for anyone to become in his search for the sparkling gem in the South Asian throne. It' s an exhilarating place to be, because developments are so rapid. In their entourage, cyclists are leaving behind a cloud of dirt, and you can see automobiles and cabs hurrying through the town.

They deliver high caliber executive staff to meet in eye-catching new office spaces and more tourist than ever to the increasing proliferation of deluxe malls, hotel and restaurant venues. However, there are not only quick automobiles and high-rises in the city. Known as the "Pearl of the Indic Ocean", Sri Lanka has a gemstone manufacturing tradition that dates back to Marco Polo's age.

Discount flights from Dubai to Colombo and back

Columbo is the Sri Lankan capitol and is a strange mixture of modern and traditional. What airport services Dubai to Columbo? Scheduled services are available from Dubai Airport to Bandaaranaike International Airport, which operates services to the entire area. Bandsaranaike is situated about 35 km northerly of Columbo. What airline companies offer services from Dubai to Columbo?

Three airlines offer services from Dubai to Colombo, with day trips and no connection. There are Emirates, Sri Lankan and Airport Dubai to chose from. What's the duration of the plane? When you have purchased a Dubai to Colombo service, you can be sure that the trip will take approximately 4h30.

Well, it' s 1 hr and 30 min from Dubai. Columbos tends to be constant throughout the year, while Dubai generally enjoyed mild winters, but boiling summers. Cool weather and good weather are the main reasons for this. Midwinter is a bit hotter in Colombos than in Dubai, but in midsummer it can be much colder!

The Sri Lankan Rupee is the rupee and can be purchased at major banking institutions and foreign airport. You need a visum to travel to Sri Lanka. When you travel to Sri Lanka to work (including volunteering), you must obtain a corresponding application form from a Sri Lankan embassy in order to obtain a valid permit.

Columbo is the biggest town in Sri Lanka and is quite heavily inhabited, unlike Dubai, which has a smaller resident base distributed over a wider area. Among the main tourist sites are the Columbo Fort, the Columbo National Museum and the Gangarama Vihara Temple. You can combine this Sri Lankan meal with a selection of meats, mushrooms, onions, chili and peppers to suit your tastes.

48,195,047,545 round trips have been scan and the best prices on a flight to Colombo have been found. In Oman Air & Jet Airways we often have the best offers for your Columbo journey, or choose your airline below to see the best prices. AED1. We have gathered online airfare information for trips from Dubai to Columbo and estimated the approximate airfare for this journey at AED1. 128.

How can I buy low cost tickets from Dubai to Colombo? Airline companies can change the price of tickets from Dubai to Colombo depending on the date and hour you are booking your ticket. We' ve gathered information from all the airline companies and found that Tuesdays, Wendesdays and Saturdays are often the best dates to make reservations.

For more information, please see our articles on the best times to buy airline tickets. Below is a table of current information on how long you can make reservations in advance for your trip from Dubai to Colombo. A total of 57,595,778,181 route researches that we have seen for departure flights over the next 90 workingdays have been carried out and we have found that the best date for flights from Dubai to Colombo is Sunday.

In most cases, budget airlines offer low-cost travel if you buy between one and three weeks in advance. However, you can also buy a plane for a low price. You may need to purchase additional tickets in advance to make your trip abroad or on vacation. Below is a graph showing the lowest fares per capita for flying from Dubai to Colombo. Are you looking for low -cost last minutes or weekends?

We have put together for you our offers for weekends from Dubai to Colombo. Below the graph shows the best last minute offers and inexpensive tickets this week-end that we could find. Travelling between some towns can be significantly less expensive if you opt for a multi-stop itinerary. Even though these connections do not provide comfort, travellers are saving an estimated 20%-60% on travel when choosing a multi-stop compared to a one-way one.

AED1, 242 is the median fare for connections from Dubai to Colombo. AED 1,290 is the median fare for non-stop services from Dubai to Colombo. Below is a table showing current information on non-stop services from Dubai to Colombo. Often we have noticed that there is no change in prices between the purchase of a sightseeing tour and a one-way one.

Greater versatility is the key advantage when purchasing a one-way ticket from Dubai to Colombo. Reserving a sightseeing tour can, however, be a much easier procedure. Comparing outbound and return trips with our comparative offers. AED588 is the median one-way fare from Dubai to Colombo.

AED 1,212 is the typical fare for a round trip from Dubai to Columbo. In the following you will find some frequently asked question about this route: What is the duration of the Dubai to Columbo itinerary? From Dubai to Columbo the airport has an approximate flying distance of 4h30. What is Colombo's distance from Dubai?

Colombo is 3,287 kilometres (2,043 miles) from Dubai. What is the frequency of flying directly from Dubai to Colombo? We have 40 non-stop connections from Dubai to Colombo. Which are Dubai's most favourite airline companies for non-stop travel from Dubai to Colombo? Emerirates provides 52% of non-stop services between Dubai and Colombo.

Which are the most favourite connection towns on the way from Dubai to Colombo? You wonder which airline flies from Dubai to Colombo? We have calculated the avarage fare of Dubai carriers with Colombo flight. Various airline companies provide different comforts and services, so you should consider your choice of airline for your comforts.

In the following you will find the complete timetable overview, which shows on which day of the month the airlines are offering the next 30 day service. They are the main passenger terminals we are currently supervising in Dubai and Colombo.

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