Private Jet to Europe Price

Price of private jet to Europe

They are called airway tolls and are comparable to motorway tolls for cars. After the US, the European private jet market and prices are competitive, and there are many aircraft options. We won't stop organizing your charter flight. Private flying of course has its price, but there are certainly opportunities to do good business. Here is a closer look at the differences between First Class on a commercial flight and chartering a private jet.

Guide to the cost of private jet charter

Concerning the costs of private jet charters, we have no large overlaps or large fleet of planes, so we can provide good, fair prices to our customers. Many years of professional expertise allow us to provide you with advice on the best operators, offering the best services at the most competetive price.

We won't stop organizing your charters. Our worldwide contact base can organize floor transfer, hotel, yacht and villa arrangements that offer luxurious service and confidentiality at a competitive price. The price for a lightweight jet (e.g. a Citation Jet 2 with 6 seats) flying from London to Barcelona and back (with one night's accommodation) is in the order of £7k - £9k.

The price for a medium sized jet (such as a Citation XLS with 8 seats) flying from London - Ibiza (with accommodation ) would be about 14k - 165k pounds. Typically a full price from London to New York and back to London would be 55k - £65k. A Global Express or a Gulfstream V voyage back between London and Los Angeles would be approximately £150k, and a voyage not less than £60k.

What are the better ways to get around on a private jet?

Getting around Europe on a private jet at a reasonable price

Private flights have their price, of course, but there are certainly opportunities to do good business. One Citation XLS fly back from London to Nice (up to 8 passengers) could throw you back GBP 12,000. While some private providers will cite more than others, there are some drivers that you can soften.

In the case of'major events' such as the Ascot race or the Monaco Grand Prix, organisers will be looking for a prize not only for these specials. Even if you fly to Palma in summers or to the Alps in winters, you can count on higher prices. However, there is one decisive difference: you can bargain with a private company.

In Europe there are many - I would suggest Air Hamburg, Centreline or Luxaviation. Don't be desperate if your aircraft charter is outside your budgets - you can buy a single plane for up to 75% less. Privat jet are often rented on one-way streets. As a rule, these departures are empty (hence "empty legs") and can be bought at a considerable rebate.

We have a few on-line sites that show these planes, among them (here comes the flagrant plug...) our own. It is important to remember that empty routes are one-way only. In order to show price differentials, a One Way from London to Nice with a Citation XLS could be GBP 3,000 for the entire jet.

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