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In order to purchase TAP trips, you must have an active TAP card. If you have certain disabilities, this program gives you the opportunity to travel in taxis at reduced prices. Taxi Access Program or TAP is available to current users of the County TransIT-plus program to complement their transportation options. The TapATaxi is a leading taxi hailing app that helps you easily book taxis and monitor their status on arrival.

Helpful TAP information

In order to buy TAP trips, you must have an activated TAP map. Once you have logged in to CabConnect's TAP website, you can see your TAP map credit, buy TAP trips and see your purchasing histories. For example, if your TAP Swipe Card number is 1234 5678 9012 3456, your default username will be tape3456.

Below is a hyperlink that allows drivers to check their TAP (Taxi Access Program) accounts. From the Pace website you will be directed to the safe website of CabConnect, Pace's vendor and affiliate for the Taxi Access Programme. For more information about Pace ADA Paratransit Services, please call Pace Customer Service.

TAP (Taxi Access Program)

Taxi Access or TAP is available to existing County TransIT-plus programme members to complement their transport capabilities. Senior citizens and persons with handicaps must be enrolled at TransIT-plus and have been using the TAP for at least three month in order to be entitled to the TAP.

Authorized user can get an allocation of taxi tariff per months. Zones A customers (postal code 21701, 21702, 21703) are entitled to $60 per month taxi fares for $10. Any other postal code is Zone B and these tenants are entitled to $120 taxi rate per months for $20.

Cards will be collected by taxi operators to cover the cost of the ticket. Further information about the taxi tariffs can be found on the Frederick County taxi tariff page. Click here to download the ticket price on-line. See the taxi access program policies and procedures, the taxi access program policies, or call 301-600-2065 for more information, or see the TAP brochure.


Offers reduced taxi rates to qualifying people aged 60 and over and people of all ages with disabilities through voucher vouchers approved by all taxi operators in Clark County. Vouchers can be bought in 20 - $1.00 book vouchers or 4 - $5.00 vouchers.

Each $20 voucher will have a discounted price based on your earnings. They are nonrefundable and not interchangeable. In order to be eligible for the Taxi Assistance programme, a person must be 60 years of age or over or have a long-term handicap. Each participant must also be a resident of Nevada and have an earning capacity within the programme requirements.

In order to prove their right of abode, all entrants must present a Nevada card from the Ministry of Motor Vehicles of Nevada. In order to prove entitlement to tax able earnings, all entrants must fill out the IRS 4506-T Application for Transcript of Tax Return. You are entitled to the Taxi Assistance Program based on your total salary. By 2018, a one-person familial entity is restricted to an earning capacity of $36,420 per year or $3,035 per months; a two-person home is restricted to an earning capacity of less than $49,380 or $4,115 per months.

Voucher book purchases can be made in personal or by post. There is no possibility to load a bank account via bank transfer and the programme only takes bank notes, cheques, money orders and currency (only in the offices, only change). Once they have registered for the first time, we ask them to order a book by post.

Book must be returned by the expiry date and there is no return, no conversion guideline. From July 2012, the Taxi Assistance programme will no longer be issuing vouchers to "authorised representatives". Brochures must be collected personally or ordered by post. An individual who grants a power of attorney may collect a book for another individual.

Matrimonial couples can, however, collect a book for their spouse. Voucher booklets are also available in Washoe County through the Washoe Senior Ride Program. Call (775) 348-0477 or go to http://www.rtcwashoe.com/public-transportation-2-91.html to find out more about Washoe County's transport service.

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