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Well, the one-star ratings may be the only true ratings. First of all I challenge all review that are 4 words long, up to and inclusively the name. Also I ask the critiques that are low in the sky, but say exactly the same things that the higher sky critiques say, and I don't even score the critiques, things like "can't score until I get the ticket", but still give a score.

Unless otherwise, low-cost airlines were teaching me to be a better scheduler by suspecting the dependability of low-cost airports. After booking a ticket on-line, I got a booking e-mail with the booking and ticket numbers, accounting information and various guidelines. One thing I didn't notice was that none of this implied that the plane was actually on.

Since no one answered/called back, the reservations were "left as they were" (from my call to a Santiago from low-cost airlines), which means that there was no real reservations. There have been no further e-mails and I have been naive to assume that a few working days before my journey will be sent (which in my on-line bookings history is the rule).

When I tried to view my trip through the airline's website, I noticed that the trip had been canceled. Low-Cost and talked to one of their (above mentioned) representatives.

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Once you have booked the trip, they do not immediately acknowledge the tickets, but you are waiting and waiting for another e-mail from them. This means that you are not yet certified on this trip until you can arrange a contract with the carrier. You never e-mail me confirmations or cancellations.

After 48 hrs wait I phoned and they said that my order has been canceled. Defining the affirmation is an agreement. What do you do to get a cancellation ??? And so they were lying and lying and lying and lying.

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