Inside Private Jet Bedroom

Within the private jet bedroom

Large VIP version of the jet also gets a room for a conference or dining room. Muraka's bedroom, under the sea. Private luxury jet inside with individually designed interior spaces

Private luxurious airliners private VIP are buildings in the air. Today it is so impressive to have your mind in the sky, but only if you do it in your own private one. Only if the aircraft cabin has been adapted to your preferences, wishes and needs. A certain private jet will cost $403 million in front of any decor.

No matter if you want an elegant, contemporary vintage vib. You have no limitations, no boundaries for any air castle you want to build. No matter what your preferred designs are, a private jet that mirrors your own practical personalisation is waiting in the grandstands. Apply some groovey curves and blue-green colour, and you sit with your heads in the sky in the world's highest retreat from the 70'.

Imagine this tomboy sized berth made for the trendy little Princess and her princes. Make some dormitories suitable for a lady who will turn the castle in the air into luxurious. Build a matrimonial with a California king-size sofa. Integrate a contemporary bath with twin washbasins, premium veneer, elegant masonry and walk-in showers.

A feast in the skies will never look so delicious. Relax in a spacious indoor space that extends over 4,800 sq-foot. Listen to a private multi-media theater. You have seen that in luxurious aviation the skies are the border; the ascent above the skies has never been so smooth; and going on the sun is never so feasible.

It should also be borne in mind that these high hopes have been driven even higher by the above-mentioned private luxuries.

Unrestricted free use of the best of the best things in the worid

foley&cox, a leading architectural office in New York, is the world's leading provider of home furnishings. At Foley & Cox we have a wealth of expertise in luxury home, yacht and private aviation. Vinch Designs is an award-winning British architectural practice founded in 1986 as a specialty indoor and outdoor yacht designers.

The Gulfstream PlaneView cockpit's global cruising distance and progressive flying decks make it the top model of the ultra-long-range commercial jet. foley&cox, a leading New York-based home d├ęcor company. FOILY & COX has vast expertise in luxury home, yacht and private jet aviation. FOILY & COX, a leading New York-based home decorating company.

At Foley & Cox we have a wealth of expertise in deluxe home, yacht and private jetting. Emirates, headquartered in Dubai, is launching Emirates Executive, a private jet services company.

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