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The AIRCOM company specialises in the distribution and control of compressed air. We at Aircom are ready to meet all your air conditioning and heating needs. The patented Airflow technology from Aircom uses an air-filled hollow tube to increase the air space and improve the noise level, enabling a "LIVE" listening experience.


Established in 1996, AIRCOM specialises in pneumatic diffusion and management technology. Fittings, tubes, valves and fittings are specifically engineered and fabricated to offer outstanding performance and a higher level of security. From small workshops to large production facilities, our products are engineered for longevity, efficiencies and power saving.

AIRCOM's broad product portfolio meets all requirements for the transportation of pressurized gas and liquids, the supply of coolant, vacuums and gas. AIRCOM's qualified engineers cover the whole process of developing AIRCOM's product line, from designing to mould making and finishing. Continuous investments in the latest generations of product line have made it possible to achieve high levels of product performance, product performance and reliability.

The AirCom

AirCom, our nationwide centre of call and answer, receives phone conversations from municipalities as isolated as Death Valley and as urbane as Atlanta - and that's almost hidden from callers. AirCom, headquartered in Omaha, Neb., provides air medical division operations for our Air Medical Service division, which includes calling, coordinating flights, tracking and tracing, and logistics assistance.

This 12,000 square metre large cement plant is specially conceived as an alarm centre and has several superfluous alarm control units. Today we work with some of the leading companies in today's technologies, among them AT&T, Avaya, Dell, DTN, NICE, Outerlink, Sky Connect, Siemens, Windstream Communications and Zoll Data System.

Pilot and controller information needs and tasks in the navigation and management of commercially available space are enormous.

The information needs of airline drivers and flight guides are enormous and the navigational and management tasks involved in operating commercially available skies are enormous. The avoidance of misunderstanding between flight guides and aircraft drivers and the improvement of flight security and effectiveness are of vital importance for ANSP. The ATS AIRCOM system allows organisations (ANSPs) to enhance their operational efficiencies and enhance their ability to provide better quality workspace.

AIRCOM offers immediate advantages to all sky patrols and air traffic control personnel at every stage of an aircraft's journey, as well as its surroundings. Our VHF-Datalink partnering scheme is an industry-leading paradigm that allows an ANSP to simply provision their own ATN / VDLm2 infrastructure: With our dedicated IT Monitor Services we ensure that your IT assets are available and dependable, around the clock and worldwide.

Let our professionals be proactive in monitoring your infrastructures and identify and resolve issues, often before they affect your work. Throughout the world, we have provided ATC-Datalink solution and service since the beginning of their use in ATC.

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