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Contact Ground Transport's certified drivers for exceptional transport and school buses in Oahu. The Nashville International Airport has ground connections for all visitors, regardless of their needs, schedule or destination. Sea-Tac Airport has never been so comfortable with excellent public transport, taxis, numerous parking spaces and a wide selection of car rental companies. Travel between MSP terminals is free for the Light Rail Transit (LRT) service. You can find more information about the LRT service at MSP on the light rail page.

Transportation of educational buses for Oahu public utility organizations and schoolchildren, HI

Don't just rely on someone with your transport and needs for your busses! Contact Ground Transport accredited driver for extraordinary transport and education busses in Oahu. Our company specialises in providing public transport to and from schools, collecting pupils at the place and times you require. Give us a call today to book your language course coach.

FLOOR TRANSPORT, INCL. HIRES QUALIFIED CDL SCHOOL BUS DRIVER. For over 20 years we have offered group transportation for Oahu school and charity groups. Put your faith in us that we are your economic partner for your next group outing! Apart from the others with individual services, Ground Transport serves the municipality since 1990 with pride.

Please call us today at (808) 833-4222 in Honolulu, Hawaii to find out more about the many advantages of using our classroom coaches.

Being on the ground

You have several options to get to and from the terminal and anywhere in the Twin Cities when you arrive. The journey between MSP terminal is free of charge for the LRT-services. There is a 24-hour train connection between the terminal, seven nights a week, every 10 min at busy periods and 15 min at other periods.

You can find more information about the LRT services at MSP on the page with the trams. Learn more about MSP's inter-terminal shuttle services for travellers with specific needs. Terminal 1-Lindbergh Main Information Stand on Level T is manned seven nights a week from 6 a.m. to 12 p.m. Read this full instruction card before riding your bike to the airports to make sure you use roads where the bike is legally allowed.

When travelling to Airport 1, you will have to get on the tram or urban coach as it is not allowed to cycle to Airport 1.

soil transport

The Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) opened its hourly parking deck on Wednesday, April 15, 2015. Except for Thrifty, all hire cars are available at the hire cars complex on Level 2 of the Hourly Parking Deck in front of the terminals.

The Thrifty is off-site and offers a shuttleservice between its headquarters near CLT and the terminals. On the hourly parking deck, the car hire facilities offer space for 3,000 hire vehicles on floors 1-3. Except for car rentals on site, all ground transportation from the airports is available at the lower curb (arrivals / baggage claim) of the terminals.

The Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) will pick up your baggage prior to baggage reclaim from Zone D.

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